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Misunderstanding of the treatment of uremia

Dec 30, 2016
Uremic patients due to the lack of correct understanding of the disease, when receiving treatment often into some errors, which is unfavorable for the rehabilitation of the disease, the uremic patients misunderstanding for a simple explanation.
The treatment of uremia misunderstanding: uremia or a complete cure uremia.
The development of chronic kidney disease to uremia, often experienced over the course of years or decades. Uremic patients suffering from chronic pain, want to be eager to cure a good mood can understand the disease. However, so many years of kidney disease, by simply taking oral medications or after a therapy hospital just ten days, you want to completely cure uremia, one-time cure uremia effect, it is not realistic.
Uremia treatment errors two: medication (or treatment) after treatment, uremia can get rid of dialysis.
Uremic dialysis treatment, can quickly improve uremic patients who had high metabolic disorder, reduce a series of complications accompanied by uremic patients (such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath), reduce the risk of death. It is usually a long time for uremia to develop into uremia, which is a long process.
Uremia treatment errors three: after the treatment of uremia creatinine will come down soon.
For patients with uremia, creatinine may be the most concerned about the psychological burden of the index of the disease. High and rising serum creatinine index, mean uremia patients will face death threats to dialysis and transplant, heart failure, respiratory failure. People who have been treated with drugs or therapy often have the idea that since they have been treated, creatinine must be lowered. A large number of toxins to creatinine as the representative of the many years of accumulation in the body of patients with uremia, one oral medication or a treatment method in just a few days, dozens of time will be removed, even if possible? This is really effective drugs or therapy, renal function in uremic patients is still in the damage state, even if it is creatinine clear, again through the treatment of metabolism, serum creatinine test can have short-term significance?
After reading the above experts, I believe that everybody will know it, if you still do not understand the problem or to consult other questions, can consult our online experts, experts will give you a more detailed answer, I wish you a speedy recovery.

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