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Hypertension can cause uremia?

Dec 30, 2016
Hypertension is a disease characterized by increased arterial pressure. Hypertension is closely related to uremia. High blood pressure, if not properly controlled, can lead to kidney damage and even uremia. The long-term existence of hypertension can directly cause kidney damage. In the early stage of hypertension, there is usually no obvious symptoms, which may only be manifested in the increase of nocturia, and it can be found that there are mild proteinuria. Studies have shown that 15% of patients with hypertension will develop into uremia. Hypertensive nephropathy, including hypertension, benign renal arteriolar sclerosis and hypertension. Benign sclerosis of renal arterioles in hypertension refers to long-term hypertension (5 ~ 10 years) lead to renal arteriolar hyalinization, and cause renal vascular ischemia and hypoxia, attracting inflammatory infiltration, cytokine release induced renal toxicity, which cause kidney damage and fibrosis; malignant hypertension and renal arteriosclerosis is due to renal artery lesions the rapid development of the dispersion caused by hypertension, resulting in rapid deterioration of renal function. The atherosclerosis and the process of atherosclerosis in the arteries and veins are very fast, which may lead to hypertension uremia in a short period of time. The incidence of hypertensive renal damage was positively correlated with the severity and duration of hypertension. Other possible factors include smoking, alcohol abuse, gender, race, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia, which affect each other, further aggravating kidney damage. In addition, renal insufficiency, the patient's blood pressure tends to rise, that is caused by renal hypertension. The increase in blood pressure, in turn, will damage the kidneys, the deterioration of renal function. This vicious cycle is one of the important factors of hypertension nephropathy caused by uremia. In order to avoid and delay the occurrence of renal insufficiency, we need to control the blood pressure of hypertensive patients at an ideal level.

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