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Uremia after want to eat more calcium food ""

Dec 30, 2016
Often in some patients, has entered into uremia period, but has been delayed, not willing to accept the dialysis, dialysis to worry about side effects, costs, etc., can always hope to "cure" uremia, get rid of dialysis.In fact, prevention is better than cure, completes the prevention work is the best way.
A, sufficient rest
Uremia patients should ensure adequate rest and good nutrition, not to force is less than the activities.Second, supplement moisture
According to the condition to supply the right amount of moisture.
Third, don't smoke
Smoke harmful to the kidneys.
The four chemicals, avoid damage to the kidney
To avoid containing cadmium, chloroform, ethylene glycol and tetrachloroethylene supplies and the environment, they generally exists in pesticides, automobile exhaust, coating, buildings and household cleaners.
Five, with low protein diet
Should give a low protein diet in patients with uremia, normal adult needs per kilogram of body weight protein quantity 1-1.5 grams, uremia patient can only eat under 0.5 g/kg, in order to reduce nitrogen mass metabolites generated and retention in the body.
Six, the limit pick content high food
Has been found in the average household supplies some chemical elements associated with acute and chronic kidney disease, as long as carefully read the product description, take some prevention measures, is the town in order to avoid these harmful substances.
Seven, choose eggs, dairy food
Because eating protein quantity is little, so try to choose high nutritional value of eggs, milk and other animal protein food, but less with the vegetable protein such as soy products.

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