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Routine treatment of uremia

Dec 30, 2016
When renal failure develops into uremia, most people, including clinicians, believe that dialysis and kidney transplantation are the only way to go. Under the control of this subjective principle, most of the economic conditions allow uremia patients to receive no less than 12 hours per week of hemodialysis, or every day for 3 to 4 times of peritoneal dialysis, medically known as alternative therapy". This alternative has a lot of problems, with the start of regular hemodialysis, in a very short period of time, the remaining nephron quickly closed, renal atrophy intensifies, rapid decline in kidney function, patients often urinate decreased rapidly, the final point did not urinate. This time the kidneys cannot drain, only by dialysis dehydration, patients often feel very thirsty, but drinking more water can not quench. And severe edema. This is because the water does not drain out in a storage vessel, drink into the water to the blood vessels, caused by insufficient blood volume, people feel thirsty, drink water and water in the vessel does not work, so it is also subcutaneous edema, severe edema caused by heart burden, it is easy to cause acute heart failure. Acute heart failure is the leading cause of death in uremic patients. Many patients lose their lives because of acute heart failure on dialysis machines.
Maybe this time is the best choice of kidney transplantation, many patients think that renal transplantation is the best choice for the treatment of uremia completely, but kidney transplantation is not permanent, nor after kidney transplant with normal person life. According to the latest statistics, the 5 year survival rate after renal transplantation was about 60%, that is, the survival time of the patients was less than 5 years after the operation was less than 40% years. Again after transplantation, anti rejection drugs for oral side effects of large, expensive (monthly 3000-5000 yuan) does not say, because of side effects, it is easy to cause liver and other organ damage, so the decrease of liver function in patients not suitable for kidney transplant. For example, patients with hepatitis B virus carriers should be handled with caution

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