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Can all uremia patients do kidney transplants?

Dec 30, 2016
In patients with uremia, no matter what the initial cause of the disease, most of them can carry out kidney transplantation, but some patients are not suitable for kidney transplantation.
(1) the absolute contraindications include: untreated malignant tumor after surgery, because the immune suppressive therapy may cause deterioration of the tumor spread; systemic disease (such as oxalate deposition disease etc.) after renal transplantation, because it might happen again the same disease, which lead to the failure of transplantation; it is serious infection, active tuberculosis, AIDS or hepatitis activity, because may cause infection, tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis virus spread that can not control the use of immunosuppressive agents after operation, thereby causing serious consequences, and even life-threatening; not the refractory heart failure, myocardial infarction, chronic respiratory failure, coagulation disorders, persistent progressive liver disease patients can not tolerate surgery for renal transplant patients; the HLA crossmatch positive, because After surgery may cause severe immune rejection, thus making graft failure, serious or even life-threatening; the life expectancy of less than 5 years. (2) the relative contraindications include: high risk of relapse of kidney disease, lipoprotein glomerulopathy, sickle cell disease, obese or thin, difficult to control diabetes, severe amyloidosis, ulcer disease, precancerous lesions, can correct the coagulation disorder, these patients need to be treated, to be in stable condition after consider a kidney transplant surgery; the age is too large or too small, the mental state is not stable, mental retardation, alcoholism, drug addiction, these patients should be according to their own circumstances to decide whether to undergo surgery.
In short, each patient can carry out renal transplantation, according to their specific circumstances, by the doctor to make a comprehensive judgment. Fortunately, with the development of medical science and technology, now has less absolute contraindication.

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