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Uremia patients how to adjust their mentality

Dec 30, 2016
When a person knows that he had uremia, the heart will be a lot of changes. Some patients may have symptoms of depression, do not speak, do not eat, lose interest in life, always pessimistic and depressed, and even to some patients after the illness Dutch act; temperament changes, irritability, easy for some things not worth mentioning in the heart often quarrel, for self, provided requirements for medical personnel or rude families. Self-control weakened.

In fact, the key to open the door to health and happiness in our own hands. Don't give up on the pursuit of happiness, even if you have a disease. Unlock the key is to have a good attitude, open-minded, optimistic, adaptable. First of all to face their own illness, don't escape from reality, to complete the transformation of the role in the psychological, so on the changes in the outside world will survive, not excessive anxiety. Moderate exercise and participate in recreational activities or easy work to regulate and improve their mood, establish the courage and confidence to overcome the disease, enhance disease resistance. At the same time, we should actively consult the medical staff about the diagnosis and treatment of disease knowledge, correct understanding of the disease, not pessimistic, not blind, do not abuse drugs. To understand the long-term and arduous nature of chronic disease treatment, cultivate their patience, exercise their own will, with the medical staff to cooperate with the treatment. And to get family support and help, work together together to overcome the disease. Now the treatment of uremia is more, all kinds of renal replacement therapy are very mature, the treatment effect is also very good. Just keep your mind, actively cooperate with the medical staff, select the appropriate means of treatment, long-term survival of patients with uremia is not difficult.

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