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Chronic renal insufficiency patients need a vegetarian? Urem

Dec 30, 2016
Using high quality low protein diet is an important means for the treatment of chronic renal insufficiency, which plays an important role in delaying the progression of renal disease. But this does not mean the patients all vegetarian, to ensure a certain amount of protein intake is very necessary, such as daily delivery of 0.6g/kg protein does not increase the burden of kidney patients, but also can ensure the needs of the body. Otherwise the patient will appear malnutrition.
The protein in the whole vegetarian diet is mainly vegetable protein. These plant proteins such as soy products in protein intake after most of decomposition of non essential amino acid, these non essential amino acids in the body is decomposed, directly converted into energy, thus increasing the nitrogen accumulation of products in vivo. Lean meat, fish, eggs and other high quality protein, containing essential amino acids necessary for human protein synthesis, if the diet is deficient in the essential amino acid, will directly affect the muscle protein synthesis, and myofibril decomposition, cause muscle reduced, appear weak performance, protein synthesis and have many biological functions are also affected, with the overall in the decomposition of the main protein, increased malnutrition, also increased the protein decomposition after toxin accumulation. Therefore, patients with chronic renal insufficiency can not blindly use the whole vegetarian diet, otherwise not only can not achieve the purpose of treatment, there may be serious consequences for the body.
Because the meat baking will produce smoke, burning something carcinogens, in all the junk food in the barbecue food is one of the highest carcinogen, should try to eat less. According to the relevant reports: roast will affect the male reproductive ability and make them more difficult to be emotional, there is not to eat beer and barbecue. Beer, cool and refreshing, containing a variety of essential amino acids and rich in vitamins, loved by the people. However, when drinking some of the considerations often fail to arouse people's attention, such as eating barbecue when drinking beer, it is inappropriate to smoke, containing organic amines in food and polycyclic hydrocarbons, produced by cooking benzopyrene and amino acid derivatives. When excessive drinking leads to increased blood lead levels, the combination of these substances may cause gastrointestinal disease and even cancer.
Many people love to eat kelp, kelp is a kind of high iodine content of algae. Kelp iodine content 3 ~ 5 per thousand, to 7 ~ 10 per thousand. From iodine and alginic acid in the extraction, widely used in medicine, food and chemical industry. Iodine is one of essential elements, will suffer from iodine deficiency goiter, eat kelp can prevent and cure the disease, but also the prevention of atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol and fat accumulation. Seafood is not suitable for beer consumption of large quantities of beer to eat seafood, will produce too much uric acid, causing gout. Excessive levels of uric acid are deposited in joints or soft tissues, leading to inflammation of joints and soft tissues. Gout attack, not only by the invasion of joint swelling and pain, and even the whole body heat, like sepsis. Over time, suffering from some joints are gradually destroyed, and even cause kidney stones and uremia.

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