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How is uremia caused

Dec 30, 2016
The emergence of uremia, a serious threat to the safety of patients. So, uremia is how to cause? Long term kidney disease can not get good treatment, the patient's condition will develop into renal failure and uremia. Uremia is a serious kidney disease, to the health of patients with great harm, only fully understand the causes of uremia, in order to have the right choice of appropriate treatment.
Uremia is not an independent disease, but a group of clinical syndrome. The international Nephrology Department of medicine shows that the end of chronic renal failure, the loss of the three major functions of the kidney, a series of symptoms and metabolic disorders, resulting in uremia. The diagnosis of uremia is not only about the level of serum creatinine, but also the clinical manifestations of these systems. In the early stage of chronic renal insufficiency, the clinical symptoms of primary disease, only in the examination of creatinine clearance decreased. These uremic patients often in decompensated renal stress condition suddenly deteriorated, and the emergence of symptoms of uremia, clinically known as reversible uremia, but once the stress factors removed, renal function often can be restored to the compensatory period. If the condition to the development of "healthy" renal unit can not meet the minimum requirements for the body, even without the stress factors of uremic symptoms will gradually appear. The damage of each system of uremia is not all will be shown, in different patients, the symptoms of uremia may not be the same, the symptoms of each system have different time.
Chinese kidney disease experts to introduce the cause of uremia
First, metabolic diseases: such as the late stage of diabetic nephropathy, renal glomerular sclerosis, glomerular basement membrane thickening, glomerular filtration function damage. Gouty nephropathy can also lead to late uremia.
Second, all kinds of kidney diseases: such as pyelonephritis, lupus nephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis, tubulointerstitial nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, hereditary polycystic kidney disease, due to the continuous long-term damage to kidney disease that gradually lost kidney function, all renal diseases should be paid more attention, timely treatment. The correct treatment, to prevent the occurrence of uremia. These kidney diseases are the most common causes of uremia in china.
Third, long-term chronic urinary tract obstruction: such as hyperplasia of prostate hypertrophy when normal urine can not be excreted in time, resulting in double hydronephrosis, if not timely treatment will eventually cause kidney damage caused by uremia.
Fourth, high blood pressure: long-term hypertension, renal glomerular sclerosis, renal function damage, eventually leading to renal failure. Therefore, hypertension is also one of the reasons for the occurrence of uremia.

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