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Symptoms of uremia

Dec 30, 2016
1, poor appetite, anorexia, nausea
Long term retention of toxins in the body will affect the digestive system function, early patients are often poor appetite, do not eat or eat enough to eat. With the development of the disease will be more serious symptoms, vomiting, nausea, abdominal distension, etc..
2, often feel tired, fatigue, headache
As a result of cell function is affected by the metabolic imbalance, long-term harmful substances in the body will cause nerve cell lesions, acid-base imbalance, electrolyte disorder and renal hypertension. These concurrent diseases often cause dizziness, headache, fatigue, patients with fatigue, memory loss and other symptoms. These symptoms for young people tend to feel that the first day did not sleep well, or work tired, the pressure caused by life. As long as a good rest can be alleviated, so easy to be ignored.
3, high blood pressure
If there is often dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus accompanied by hypertension friends must pay attention. Because we all know that the main function of the kidneys is sodium excretion, urination. When the renal function is damaged, the body will appear sodium retention, resulting in increased blood volume led to high blood pressure. In addition, due to the renal ischemia and hypoxia caused by the increased secretion of renin, which led to the secretion of the kidney to raise the amount of hypertension increased, reducing blood pressure to reduce the material. Therefore, Early Uremia Patients with varying degrees of hypertension.
4, pale yellow
This is mainly due to anemia caused by. As in uremia patients with retention of toxic metabolites, resulting in red blood cell destruction or shorten the life, coupled with the number of the formation of red blood cells and reduce a variety of bleeding symptoms occur in patients with symptoms of anemia. This is not obvious, many patients in the short term and will not pay too much attention to the symptoms.
5, reduce urine volume, the number of toilet less
A lot of people feel that the number of more natural toilet on the water, drink less, less urine. So it will not deliberately pay attention to the amount of urine, in fact, otherwise. Under normal circumstances, normal urine output should be maintained at 1000mL - 2000mL, while the number of toilets in general for 4-6 times during the day, at night for 0-2. Uremia patients due to the decline of renal filtration function, some patients will appear with the condition of the urine volume decreased gradually. There is a part of the urine volume of the patient is normal, but due to kidney function decline, so the quality of urine decreased, urine toxins from the body is reduced, excessive waste discharged out due to a further deterioration of retention in the body and lead to the Constitution and condition of patients.
6, the body appears swollen
This symptom is easy to detect, but may also be ignored. Edema is also due to the kidneys can not rule out excess body water, resulting in water retention in the interstitial space. Early patients often showed up after the swelling of the eyelids, swollen ankles, but after a break and disappeared. Patients with severe leg swelling or systemic edema. Many people think it is the first day too tired or sleeping posture is not caused by, not particularly concerned about. Of course, there are many reasons for edema, which also requires careful identification of patients.

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