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Clinical treatment of the most common uremia

Dec 30, 2016
Blood dialysis method. Almost 90% of uremic patients are treated with hemodialysis to maintain a normal vital signs, the principle of treatment is through the hemodialysis machine, the elimination of toxins in the body, regulating water and electrolytes. Can act as a kidney exchange function. Can make a lot of patients symptoms relieved. In recent years, many hospitals have carried out peritoneal dialysis to treat uremia, after clinical observation is better than hemodialysis. High efficiency of dialysis.

Two. The dialysis rate of peritoneal dialysis is quite high, and the efficiency of clear toxin is much higher than that of hemodialysis. Many patients in the course of hemodialysis, sometimes renal ischemia and other adverse reactions to the patient. The adverse effects of peritoneal dialysis are rare, which can protect the renal function. There is the cost of peritoneal dialysis is lower than hemodialysis, can reduce the burden on patients. With the development of technology, many patients have gradually been treated.
Three, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis can only be temporary treatment, not a permanent cure, the most effective is the kidney transplantation, can treat uremia. Donor kidney can maintain normal excretion function and maintain normal circulation metabolism, the effect is very good, can fundamentally solve the problem. Choose the right kidney is very difficult, the donor and the recipient of various antigen antibody to match it, the patient's age is too large then more than 50 years of age are generally not a kidney transplant. Postoperative care is very important, but also to take anti rejection drugs.

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