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What does the nursing misunderstanding of uremia have?

Many people believe that uremia is a bad treatment of incurable diseases, in fact, we do not know what the error of uremia care, it can not lead to the treatment of uremia patients as soon as possible. This is a very serious proble ...Read More


What are the typical symptoms of uremic patients?

Uremia in the early because the performance is not obvious, so often overlooked, once found into the late, early detection and early treatment is very critical. Uremic symptoms of the early symptoms are the following: Drowsiness an ...Read More


Beijing Tong Shantang free clinic trip - Lahore, Pakistan

Beijing Tong Shantang specialists will conduct a second clinic activities in Pakistan on September 25, 2017. This will be held free of charge in Lahore, Pakistan, and we will use traditional Chinese medicine to treat kidney disease ...Read More


The advantages and disadvantages of uremia diarrhea

uremia diarrhea is a very common and very high incidence of the disease, generally occur in the elderly. Once the disease occurs, it will cause great damage to the patients physical and mental suffering, uremia diarrhea ...Read More


What are the causes of uremia? Why get uremia? The following

causes uremia,normal gfr after nephrectomy,uremia causes,What are the causes of uremia? Why get uremia? The following is an analysis of kidney specialists. If there is no early detection of chronic kidney disease, ...Read More


How to recuperate uremia face is too poor

As we all know, for patients with uremia, must be timely treatment. However, treatment of this disease is very difficult, uremic complexion,and not able to complete in a short time. Therefore, many patients with uremia complexion i ...Read More


Uremic patients are most prone to what symptoms

Uremic patients will be issued with urinary tract stones symptoms, so in the early stage of urinary tract stones, patients should be on their own body to observe whether to see in the back of a uremic cause, in addition, uremic pat ...Read More


Uremic patients why chest tightness and rapid performance

For uremic patients, they tend to appear some of the corresponding symptoms, these symptoms are the appropriate treatment, we should understand some of the knowledge. In fact, most uremic patients will appear some chest tightness a ...Read More


Will children get sickness?

Recent uremia patients found that when the child had uremia, it is incredible, in fact, for uremia, from the age to judge, no matter what age people may get sick. Uremia this condition, and their own low immunity has a relationship ...Read More


What causes the incidence of uremia?

Liver and kidney function is normal, for us is very important, but in daily life, there are many people on the uremia, will give patients a great impact, usually we need to pay attention to the emergence of uremia, but also to Pay ...Read More


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