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What is the cause of anemia in uremic patients?

In life there are a lot of people suffering from uremia disease, most people associated with a common situation of anemia, if we have had such a situation, we must pay attention to the job, because the impact of physical condition ...Read More


Are the weakness of early symptoms of uremia?

Now with the rapid economic development, more and more people suffering from kidney disease, uremia is one of the kidney disease. Uremic disease is undoubtedly the greatest harm, the patient was tortured by the disease and physical ...Read More


What are the symptoms of early uremia?

Digestive system symptoms. Uremic symptoms are mainly poor appetite, taste disorders, nausea and vomiting, a few cases may have diarrhea, abdominal distension and constipation. And uremic toxins will affect the digestive function w ...Read More


What is the difference between renal failure and renal insufficiency azotemia and uremia?

difference between uremia and azotemia,what is the difference between azotemia and uremia,There is a difference in nephropathy and uremia, uremia is a kidney disease symptoms, then the following kidney specialist will help you with ...Read More


Can uremia affect the fertility of patients?

Uremia is known as the gate of death, mainly because this disease will seriously affect the function of the kidneys, when serious, can lead to kidney failure, endanger the patients life. So, can uremia affect the fertility of patie ...Read More


What is the difference between azotemia and uremia?

Many patients with nitrogen deficiency think they are seriously ill and mistakenly think they have uremia. In fact, this is not the case, and there is a difference between nitrogen and uremia, then what is the difference between ni ...Read More


The most common cause of death in patients with uremia

cause of death uremia,Uremia is a kind of disease which makes patients suffer from physical and mental pain. The disease is not an independent disease,,The most common cause of death in patients with uremia ...Read More


Young people how to prevent the occurrence of uremia

how to prevent uremia,How to prevent young people urinaemia? Uremia, listen to the name to know is a more serious name, so many people are very afraid of the disease, and the need to pay attention to is currently in clinical, there ...Read More


How can hypertension decrease in uremic patients?

Uremia is a serious disease, if a little careless or improper treatment, there are life-threatening situations at any time. Therefore, this disease should be achieved early prevention and early detection and early treatment as the ...Read More


What are the organ dysfunction in uremic children?

For children with uremia, in kidney after with electrolyte, acid-base balance disorders and other symptoms. In addition, each organ system function will be affected by the obstacles, and induce a series of physical performance, whi ...Read More


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