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How does kidney have cyst to do?

May 17, 2017

Kidney cyst is a kind of disease that is difficult to treat, to kidney cyst all is to adopt Chinese traditional medicine cure commonly. Chinese medicine treatment of renal cysts is the use of drugs to dissolve the swelling in the kidneys. The advantage of Chinese medicine treatment is to reduce the side effects of the minimum, the following to introduce the kidney cyst, how to do?. Fuzheng Shen Ben: polycystic kidney, kidney cyst early no obvious clinical symptoms, or when there is lumbar discomfort, or the family of patients with polycystic kidney, early kidney yang deficiency, kidney yang, kidney yin deficiency, nourishing yin and kidney. Because the water Shiyu product: regulating qi and activating blood in the kidney, can lead to obstruction of Qi, qi stagnation and blood stasis, blood stasis with water, so the Chinese medicine treatment of renal cyst should pay attention to regulating qi and activating blood circulation. Those who have hematuria have the advantages of clearing away heat and stopping bleeding. The obvious stagnation of the waist is promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and relieving pain. Both: polycystic kidney development to late renal pision, a toxin stop inside off the grid so severe, dampness should be dampness Huazhuo; gas, water gas line should be.
Spontaneous infection is rare in simple renal cysts, but is difficult to identify with renal abscess once it occurs. Sometimes it can bleed inside a cyst. It can cause severe pain when it happens suddenly. Bleeding can come from the cancer on the wall of cyst. Cysts are located below the kidneys and close to the ureter, which can increase hydronephrosis, whereas urinary pressure on the pelvis can cause back pain. This obstruction can also cause infection in the kidneys. Because of the serious lesions at this time, or even canceration. For the treatment of renal cyst with traditional Chinese medicine, we should develop good eating habits in the course of treatment. At the same time, we should try to reduce the burden on the kidneys and take the principle of diet. And do a good job of kidney cyst care. This can be beneficial to the early recovery of renal cyst

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