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What methods of life can be raised kidney?

May 29, 2017

In recent years, the incidence of kidney disease is increasing, every day to hear people around to explore this matter. So what is the health standard for kidney disease? What methods of life can kidney Here to see it together. Kidney health standards, clear hearing. In the theory of Chinese medicine, the ear's auditory function and the kidney is closely related to the ups and downs, kidney good hearing like. Conversely, when there tinnitus, upset, hearing loss symptoms, you can consider the kidney yin deficiency. Skin glamorous. Kidney good, in order to youth resident, anti-aging. Kidney is not good, people tend to look old, the skin will become dull, skin color will change, black eyes, bags under the eyes. Hair black. Kidney essence, the Chinese hair, hair nutrition from the blood, but its vitality is still the kidney, kidney is not good, hair will be early white, loss of luster, and hair loss. Strong bones. Chinese medicine, kidney bone, bone by nourishing nourishing, good kidney good bone. Renal decay will appear osteoporosis, back pain, and even teeth appear loose. Good memory. Kidney essence also raised the brain. So the kidney may often appear often forget things, slow response and so on.

Kidney bad symptoms, boring children. Kidney function is not good, a lot of waste is difficult to excrete from the urine, there will be lack of energy, fatigue, fatigue and so weak feeling. Kidney disease, protein and other nutrients leak from the kidneys, excreted through the urine, there will be no lack of performance. Some patients will think it is too tired, or other reasons, while ignoring the kidney problem. I do not want to eat. Do not want to eat, anorexia, and even nausea, vomiting, kidney disease is also a common symptom. Some patients always go to the Department of Gastroenterology or liver disease, to see if it is not stomach or liver disease, a look no stomach and liver disease, put aside regardless, forget to see the kidney doctor, the results delayed the disease. Urine has a bubble. There are many reasons for the bubble in the urine, which if the protein from the kidney to the urine, the urine will be a lot of foam. Low back pain. The location of the kidney on both sides of the spine on the waist, so when the kidney is sick, will feel low back pain. Urine more urine less. Healthy people urinate every day about 4-6 times, urine about 800-2000 ml, if the number of urination and urine output too much or too little, we should pay attention. Edema. Drinking too much, or sleep too long, too obese, eyelid, face, calf and other parts can be a slight edema, or a transient edema, if not the case, it is necessary to doubt whether the kidney has a problem.

So, what is the daily way to raise the kidney it? Three methods of daily nourishing kidney, Brush your mouth after mouthwash, calm mood. Shut the mouth, the tongue reached the palate, and then the tongue in the mouth up and down bounce, can be issued ringing. This secretion of saliva is often healthy, swallow it, there is nourishing, heat, kidney effect. Take a deep breath. Lung main gas, kidney for the root of gas. Deep breathing can interact through the lung and kidney, the kidney played a warm effect. Foot bath. A person has no vitality, endurance are dependent on the fullness of kidney essence. Every night before going to sleep with 40 degrees Celsius warm water feet, can lead blood downstream, Wenshen help yang, improve Yaoxisuanruan, whole body fatigue and other symptoms. In addition, after bath foot done foot massage, the effect is better. The above is about life which methods can be raised all the kidney, and hope that we can pay attention to the kidney. Kidney health is critical to us, we must pay attention to maintenance Oh.

What methods of life can be raised kidney?

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