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Consequences of staying up late at night

Aug 16, 2017

With the development of society, people's lives more and more irregular, more and more people have the habit of going to bed late, but stay up all night to sleep is the main feature of the disease, many friends because of unhealthy habits, The occurrence of nephropathy. Especially when the occurrence of nephritis, the first symptom is to find the disease is the key to treatment. We come to understand the treatment of nephritis it. What are the early symptoms of chronic nephritis:

Hematuria: the emergence of kidney disease, the occurrence of such symptoms is the most common situation, the patient is also to pay attention to their physical changes. Hematuria with gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria of the points. Naked eye hematuria is the naked eye can see the hematuria, urine was washed meat like water, turbid and red, and some children with blood in the blood clots or blood clots; and microscopic hematuria is only observed under the microscope can be found, The number of red blood cells per high power field is greater than one.

Eyelid edema: there are some swelling, but also patients with kidney disease will occur, especially attention to the edema around the eyes, is the obvious characteristics. Chronic nephritis early kidney deficiency symptoms of eyelid edema is the main reason: the kidney of water excretion and regulation of damage, so that children in the body of water and sodium increased, excessive water accumulation in the body loose tissue, and eyelids are loose Organization more parts. Eyelid edema features early in the morning to get up when the activity diminishes.

Urinary foam increased: the adverse changes in urine, is a significant change in kidney disease, in life should pay attention to the abnormal urine. Urine foam increased to a smaller bubble-based, and interconnected together, a long time can not be dispersed, suggesting that urine protein, caused by higher tension. Of course, the accuracy of this symptom is poor.

The above is about the symptoms of nephritis which details of the introduction, I hope you read this article after the understanding of nephritis. Timely symptoms of the disease is to find an important clue in the life is also because the symptoms of the disease is not clear, leading to the occurrence of the disease, I hope you understand the above symptoms, can be timely treatment of the disease.

consequences of staying up late at night

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