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Why do more and more people begin to have kidney disease?

Jun 07, 2017

According to relevant data, in developed countries such as the United States and Holland, about 6.5%~10% people suffer from varying degrees of kidney disease in the general population. In China, the incidence of chronic kidney disease is 8%~9% in people over the age of40. It's nothing to be surprised !
Drug abuse
It is very easy to cause kidney damage if you use it regularly. Whether it is analgesic in western medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, or Lei Gongteng, morning glory, Xanthium sibiricum and so on, all cause kidney damage.
Often hold back
Especially those who are busy, bieniao urine in the bladder lead time is too long, there is a large number of bacteria breeding, with the bacteria through the ureter to the kidney, the kidney will occur imperceptibly in chronic infection.
Drinking too little
Although drinking too much water, the burden is too heavy for the kidneys. However, if the water is too small, it is easy to cause urinary volume reduction, urine waste, bacteria concentration increases, and a long time is also prone to kidney stones, hydronephrosis and other issues.
Some people prefer to drink instead of drinking water. There are more acidic substances in the drinks. Too much of them can cause kidney burden and kidney damage.
The diet is too salty
Eating too salty, there is a problem is that the body does not consciously absorb a lot of salt, blood pressure easily elevated, kidney blood can not maintain normal flow, thereby inducing kidney disease.
Of course, life in the serious environmental pollution, life stress, food safety seriously suck society, let the health to accept a variety of tests. Once hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, tuberculosis and other diseases come home, but also easily lead to kidney damage.

Why do more and more people begin to have kidney disease?

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