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What are the considerations for dialysis patients?

Jun 08, 2017

In general, patients with weekly dialysis 1 time, daily water intake 100ml plus 24 hour urine volume and urine in patients with daily water intake does not exceed 100ml; patients with weekly dialysis 2 times, in a day, the amount of water is 300ml plus 24h urine volume . No urine of patients, amount of water is less than 300ml; weekly dialysis 3 times in a day, the amount of water is 500ml and urine volume, urine in patients with daily water intake does not exceed 500ml. Can not rely on the increase of ultrafiltration dialysis patients to improve the daily amount of water, because a lot of ultrafiltration in hemodialysis water fast will cause a drop in blood pressure, spasm, headache and other symptoms, and chronic water overload can increase cardiovascular load, adverse consequences. As for salt management, usually should avoid all kinds of high salt food such as salted fish, salted eggs, bacon, pickles, sauces and pickles, in oliguria, edema, increased blood pressure, should control the intake of salt, salt substitute can not abuse. The daily intake of salt was about 4G per week for dialysis 3 times, and the daily intake of salt was about 3G per week for 2 dialysis patients.
The long-term dialysis patients, can improve the quality of life, reduce the patient's index, and can lengthen the duration of dialysis treatment, this is the most obvious recovery of the UN light truck, a very important point is the management of water and salt intake. In patients with chronic renal failure, especially in oliguria, blood potassium is often high, and severe hyperkalemia often endangers the patient's safety. Therefore, potassium intake must be strictly limited. Daily urine volume of 1000ml can discharge 1g potassium; daily urine volume in 500ml can discharge 0.6g potassium most. Potassium intake should be limited to about 0.6g per day even if 3 times a week.
In addition, because each dialysis can cause the body to lose a portion of the protein, hemodialysis patients should also pay attention to protein intake, excessive protein intake will increase azotemia, generally every day weight 1 kg, about 1.5g as well, and should choose a certain number of high protein food and milk, egg, fat and calorie supplement. Pay attention to protein supplement and tonic choice. Be sure to do preventive measures to truly achieve scientific treatment.

What are the considerations for dialysis patients?

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