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Do you know any special signs of kidney disease

Life for diseases which we have to know its symptoms, because only know the symptoms of the disease, can timely found that kidney disease is a high incidence of diseases now, we also should pay attention to, then develop a sign of ...Read More


Do you know the symptoms of kidney disease

Living a healthy life is happiness, but there are many diseases that threaten our health in our lives. Such as kidney disease, know the dangers of this disease is very serious, the consequences are serious, but there are still a lo ...Read More


Do you know what it's like to have a kidney disease

Children are the parents of the palm meat, as long as the children got the disease parents will very worried, but in life there are many disease affects childrens health, people owing to lack of understanding of disease, lead to de ...Read More


Renal manifestations of the disease have what symptoms you clear

Kidney disease occurs quite high over the years, let peoples body was badly damaged, the consequences of is also pretty scary, but though is that people still dont know a lot about this disease, leading to failed to timely find dis ...Read More


Do you know what the symptoms of kidney disease are?

You can imagine the pain of kidney disease. Now the risk of kidney disease is very high, which cause serious damage to our health, the consequences is very serious, but most people know about kidney disease is not enough in-depth, ...Read More


Benign prostatic hyperplasia can cause renal failure

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a benign disease, prostate cancer is a malignant disease. Both can exist at the same time, but there is no causal relationship between each other. Prostate hyperplasia caused by the first symptoms ar ...Read More


Stay away from kidney failure, start with diet!

1, tofu may lead to decline in renal function The study was done by Dr. George Chavaro of the Harvard University School of public health. From 2000 to 2006, the researchers followed 99 men. The results are surprising: men who eat s ...Read More


Haikunshenxi capsule in the treatment of renal failure?

Haikunshenxi capsule increased serum albumin content in rats with renal failure, improve the morphology of renal tissue in rats with chronic renal failure. The results showed that the 2 4- chlorobenzene induced delayed type hyperse ...Read More


Winter wear thin pants shoes men frozen kidney failure

Cold winter, beautiful frozen man women are common, fighting his body is not willing to wear more clothes than men. Recently, a 46 year old man in Shenyang for winter wear thin trousers shoes, after suffering from nephritis is not ...Read More


Not anxious patients with chronic renal failure to UF

Friends to general special: citric acid (citric acid) potassium sodium hydrogen particles, uralyt-U ingredient and chemical name: Potassium Sodium Hydrogen Citrate Graunles (6:6:3:5) pale orange particles, aromatic odor, taste salt ...Read More


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