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Brief articles and multimedia about recent novel trials and results funded or conducted by NIDDK.

Long term prognosis of patients with acute renal failure treated with continuous renal replacement therapy

In August 22nd, the current limited health care budgets brought about this problem, which is suffering from multiple organ failure and acute renal failure (ARF) in critically ill patients should be what kind of treatment, but there ...Read More


TCM treatment of obstructive acute renal failure

Chen, 70 years old, two years ago began to appear frequent micturition, urine, bladder fullness and discomfort. No obvious cause of lumbar pain and discomfort in two months ago, the left lower extremity edema, and gradually develop ...Read More


Four consecutive days of overload exercise, can cause acute renal failure

In our impression, moderate exercise can exercise to the body, help us to ease the mood, but the overload of the exercise will have any effect on the body? 4 consecutive days of excessive exercise Strong guy was Liaodao. At the beg ...Read More


23 year old guy over exercise 4 days caused acute renal failure

4 consecutive days of excessive movement, strong guy Liaodao At the beginning of April, is a graduate of the University of A Chao in Shenzhen to find a job and are required to attend a week-long orientation training. Run 10 kilomet ...Read More


Drug addicts long-term methamphetamine causes kidney failure

Suck ice with female sex, it will seriously damage the kidneys, especially for a long time. The long-term methamphetamine most likely to lead to organ diseases such as kidney deficiency, kidney failure and so on. The ice man can co ...Read More


What are the causes of diabetic renal failure

What is the cause of diabetic renal failure, how to treat diabetes experts pointed out that the diabetic nephropathy is the most common chronic complications of diabetes, and if not timely treatment will progress to renal failure, ...Read More


What are the early symptoms of chronic renal failure

Most of the disease is renal failure caused by other diseases, appeared in such disease will affect the patients health and life, so the disease is likely to cause a life-threatening kidney failure, so for people to disease renal f ...Read More


Can epilepsy with kidney injury eat Lamotrigine Tablets

Lamotrigine Tablets is a broad-spectrum antiepileptic drug. As the main component of lamotrigine. Chemical name: 3 5-, two amino -6- (2, 3- two chlorophenyl) -as- three azine; molecular formula: c9h7n5cl2. Then, epilepsy with kidne ...Read More


To save money newborn babies eat milk powder of 3 year old brother cause renal failure

As everyone knows, the infants general price more than and 200, second third stage milk was more than and 100, so the newborn baby milk powder is better than general expensive, a mother in order to save money, at the same time that ...Read More


Renal failure can take Niao Du Qing particles?

Niaoduqing granule can decrease the serum creatinine, urea nitrogen, improve the kidney function of rats and mice three renal failure model. Three drug, medication should be cautious! So, kidney failure can take Niaoduqing particle ...Read More


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