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Gout "foolhardy man"  break himself into the renal failure

Gout attack, do not go to the hospital for treatment but to buy some painkillers to deal with, but the result is due to abuse of painkillers caused by renal failure. The 53 year old Mr. Shaw a few days ago some knee pain, to the ho ...Read More


Regular drinking can lead to kidney injury

Beer is a popular drink for men, especially when the weather is hot to eat night or friends, will drink. However, drinking too much beer is harmful to the body. In particular, people suffering from kidney disease, how to drink beer ...Read More


How to care for chronic renal failure

Chronic renal failure is a serious threat to human health, so the disease must be early prevention, early detection, early treatment, so as to reduce the harm of patients. So, in daily life, the nursing care of chronic renal failur ...Read More


 Glomerular nephritis diet matters needing attention

This article introduction: glomerulonephritis is everybodys common disease, glomerular nephritis patients in daily life, eat what is good for glomerular nephritis?Glomerulonephritis in dietary respect need to pay attention to what. ...Read More


What are complications of acute glomerulonephritis

This article introduction: acute glomerulonephritis is one of the nephritis, has a great influence on kidney, and easy to cause complications, here are together and see what are the complications of acute glomerulonephritis. The ma ...Read More


 Prevention of glomerulonephritis

1. Hypertensive encephalopathy, step-down and dehydration should be check.Antihypertensive use (sodiumnitroprusside) 25 mg, sodium nitrate in 5% glucose solution 500 ml (50 mu g/ml), 0.02 ml/kg per minute mu (1 g/kg) intravenous dr ...Read More


 The treatment of glomerulonephritis

(1) non-drug therapy: limit the intake of dietary sodium, sodium with high blood pressure patients should be limited ( 3 g/day), sodium intake in 80 ~ 100 tendency, antihypertensive drugs should be: on the basis of limit sodium die ...Read More


The common sense of glomerulonephritis

This article introduction: glomerulonephritis is a type of nephritis, occurred in bilateral renal glomerulus of allergic disease.Glomerulonephritis is a common kidney disease, acute and chronic two kinds.Here are the together to ge ...Read More


  Occult knowledge glomerulonephritis

This article introduction: glomerular nephritis virus infection aslar-pacific perspective, also known as asymptomatic or (and) proteinuria, hematuria, no edema, hypertension and impaired renal function in patients with only show th ...Read More


Disease an accelerated sexual knowledge of glomerulonephritis

This article introduction: radical sex glomerulonephritis is a set of performance for hematuria, proteinuria and progressive renal function decline of clinical syndrome, is one of the most serious type of glomerulonephritis, need p ...Read More


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