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Liu Weixu

Sep 16, 2017

Huaxia kidney hospital expert Liu Weixu

Liu Weixu, chief physician, three branch current expert treatment of nephropathy

In 2009, net "nephritis, nephropathy treatment of intractable proteinuria, occult blood, renal insufficiency and renal complications in research group" responsible person. 2000-2008 was rated as the most satisfied with the clinical efficacy of experts. He has been engaged in clinical treatment and scientific research and teaching for more than 10 years. He is good at the treatment of various types of nephritis, renal insufficiency and renal complications. In particular, has its own research and clinical experience of urine protein and occult blood. Published dozens of papers in national journals. Has written "proteinuria, occult blood and kidney fibrosis process", "how to regulate the repair of renal cells" and "how to treat intractable proteinuria in 68 cases of clinical analysis" in national journals. Over the years has been adhering to the "patient center, the curative effect is higher than all" purpose, work rigorous, practical and good at summing up the innovation, to break the routine treatment of renal defect recurrence, easy to rebound, the number of thousands of cases of patients.

Good disease: chronic nephritis, nephritis, interstitial nephritis, intractable proteinuria, hematuria, recurrent occult blood, nephrotic syndrome, renal edema, renal hypertension, membranous nephropathy and renal insufficiency.


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