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Zhang lu

May 10, 2017


Chief physician

Zhang Lu, the incumbent Beijing Tong Shantang Chinese medicine hospital chief physician, was born in January 1954, in July 1985 graduated from the Dalian Medical College, after graduation in the kidney hospital for more than 20 years, with a solid professional knowledge and rich clinical experience.

Good at treatment

He is good at the treatment of acute and chronic nephritis, renal cysts, polycystic kidney disease, uremia and lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis, IGA nephropathy and other immune nephropathy, and nephrotic syndrome, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, hematuria, proteinuria And treatment is also effective for the majority of patients with kidney disease lifted the pain of torture.


Practitioners for more than 20 years he presided over the editor and published a number of kidney disease treatment papers in the field of domestic kidney disease research has a high medical value in the history of Chinese medical development, wrote a thick, for the development of international medicine for the development of kidney disease Solid foundation, but also in the clinical significance of the important and practical value, so she has an indelible contribution to the field of kidney disease.

To Zhang Lu director as the leader of the kidney disease research center with a solid strength, inventive, after several years of cold and heat, hard to tackle, create their own set of a unique treatment of kidney disease medical system. Her kidney disease treatment system at home and abroad by the wide recognition and welcome. Authorities said: Zhang Lu's research results and kidney disease treatment system for the revitalization of Chinese medicine to the world to make a breakthrough contribution.

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