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Tan Hongyin

May 10, 2017

Title: Chief Physician, Distinguished Expert

Motto: gold medal, silver, as the patient praise; gold cup, silver cup, as the patient reputation!

Brief introduction: Tan Hongyin worked in the People's Liberation Army 27762 Hospital and the Hebei Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine work. He is currently the director of the expert consultation center and deputy director of the research center in Beijing Tongshangtang Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Good at treatment: diabetes, diabetic nephropathy, acute and chronic nephritis, renal insufficiency and so on.

There are in-depth studies of nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, lupus nephritis, diabetic nephropathy, renal failure, uremia and other types of nephropathy, and in the long-term clinical study formed a unique treatment, the method to obtain the national Technical progress third prize at the same time apply for a personal patent.

Tan Hongyin director amiable personality, whether he is on the younger doctor or the majority of patients, such as the general warm spring warm. In the disease to explain the patience, so that the first contact with his patients with emotion, but also with its superb medicine, deeply attracted a large number of "fans."

He has also been invited to other hospitals for lectures, with a large number of their own loyal patients, in word of mouth, behind the formation of a huge fan of the fans group, they trust and follow him, let He was in the emotion, but also felt the heavy responsibility.

In order to help young doctors grow up as soon as possible, the company has spent a lot of time to give lectures, not only to teach professional medical knowledge, but also to practice their own years of experience.

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