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Zhang Lingzhi

Jul 29, 2017

Zhang Lingzhi was born in 1946, her current deputy chief physician. His father is a national well-known kidney disease expert, sub-parent industry. She studied in Hebei Medical University in 1970 Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 74 years graduated from school to engage in clinical, teaching and research work. It began in the early 80s specializing in clinical treatment and research of kidney disease, and during this period of Western medicine for a systematic theoretical study.

For more than 30 years, she has combined her own clinical experience with traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, has accumulated a solid theoretical foundation and rich clinical experience, especially for kidney failure, uremia treatment has advanced attainments. Through its clinical research and practice, invented a set of severe uremia patients to extend the dialysis interval, reduce the number of dialysis in the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment program. For decades, many critically ill patients have achieved benign disease.

In the course of many years of medical treatment, she give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical treatment of kidney disease in the treatment of nephropathy, cardiovascular and other diseases in the formation of their own unique insights. Has won the "Second World Chinese and Western Medicine Conference Excellent Paper Award", "Chinese medicine, Chinese and Western medicine science and technology progress second prize" and other awards.

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