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Wang Zhanping

Jul 29, 2017

Deputy Chief Physician Wang Zhanping is now a member of the Beijing Tong Shantang Chinese Medicine Hospital expert group. He has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years, he has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience, good at cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, respiratory system, urinary system and other diseases of clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Wang Zhanping, deputy chief physician attending: chronic pyelonephritis, urinary tract infection, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, renal insufficiency and so on.

Chinese medicine believes that the lesion of nephropathy in the kidney, but with other internal organs are also closely related to the overall conditioning must be, but not the mechanical isolation of the lesion locked in the kidney. Wang Zhanping director of the clinical focus on the particularity of the disease, to take a very flexible targeted treatment, pay attention to the combination of traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Wang Zhanping since the doctor, the patient's needs as always as their own needs for patients to solve the problem, with a good effect for the ultimate goal. Thirty years of clinical work, as he accumulated a wealth of experience, whether it is kidney disease or cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and respiratory diseases, for him to mention. It is precisely because of this, he was able to break through the traditional treatment of kidney disease, open up a new path.

Through a large number of patients with the disease, Wang Zhanping found: kidney disease, although the lesion in the kidney, but with other internal organs are also closely related. Aware of this, he systematically studied Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine theory as a guide, formed a unique combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapy.

Not only the formation of their own characteristics of treatment, clinical treatment also pay attention to the inpidual characteristics of the disease, to take a very flexible targeted treatment for different patients to develop appropriate treatment plan. Do everything possible to reduce the suffering of patients, a hundred times the effort for the treatment of disease patients, not to let a patient with regret to leave, to every patient hope.

In Beijing with Tong Tong Shantong kidney disease Chinese medicine hospital, Wang Zhanping is not only an expert physician, but also Beijing Tong Shantang kidney disease Chinese medicine hospital research group backbone, he will sum up their own data, combined with modern theory, the formation of systematic experience for The study provides a large number of clinical basis, while cleverly applied to the new theory of clinical treatment.

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