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What are the side effects of renal dialysis?

Jan 03, 2017
Treatment will have side effects, then what will be done after kidney dialysis side effects?
(1) low back pain
Occurrence rate of about 17-60%, more than a week away.
(2) damage to other organs
Because of wrong or dialysis needle too deep organ damage, serious person needs surgical treatment.
(3) infection
Infection rate is low, due to aseptic measures lax, perirenal existing infections caused by or associated with pyelonephritis, such as fever, severe back pain, showed leukocytosis with antibiotic treatment.
(4) dynamic vein fistula
The incidence of 15-19%, a small number of patients without symptoms. Severe hematuria and / or perirenal hematoma, intractable diabetes, heart failure, and abdominal and abdominal vascular murmur. Diagnosed with renal angiography, a large number of self healing in 3-30 months, serious surgery in a timely manner.

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