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The latest treatment of chronic nephritis proteinuria, blood

Dec 25, 2016
Chronic nephritis due to various causes renal cell damage, glomerular filtration function selection disorders, could not have leaked a lot of protein in the urine elimination, urine routine test index scan revealed a positive urine protein "+" "+ +" or more. Therefore, treatment of chronic nephritis, especially for proteinuria treatment, need to repair damaged kidney cells as a starting point for treatment.
More than 200 cases of chronic nephritis were therapy applied in our hospital Guiyuan Kangxian Yishen treatment, obtained through the repair of renal cells damaged in place, especially on the repair of residual glomerular epithelial cells in place after the glomerular selective filtration function can be restored, once the selective filtration function were repaired. You can stop the leakage of protein to restore function. So long as in place for repair of damaged epithelial cells, patients with urinary protein leakage will be gradually reduced, to repair damaged glomerular epithelial cells is a long process, there is a certain objective repair law, proteinuria disappeared the therapeutic effect on gene intervention therapy.
There have been noted in patients with chronic nephritis hormone therapy: the related hormones elimination of urine protein drugs, the therapeutic effect is only for your kidney inflammation, play "anti-inflammatory" effect, also can temporarily eliminate your urine protein, hormone and various immunosuppressive agents can drugs can not repair the damaged kidney cells, but not to degrade extracellular matrix formation in the process of renal fibrosis, make it disappear, so you cannot cure kidney disease, the proteinuria disappeared, is still very easy to repeatedly is the truth condition. The causes of recurrent disease, your previous drug treatment is not not symptomatic, not your past with hormone medicine is not symptomatic, but your previous treatment is not disease, the key problem is your previous treatment, only for the "symptoms" of urinary protein therapy, but not for the cause of urine protein leakage "cause" - to implement the blockade for the treatment of renal fibrosis.
Again to remind the majority of patients, to eliminate your urine protein, the only way is to seize and complete treatment leads to the "cause" of proteinuria and renal fibrosis by blocking therapy, hepatic fibrosis, and to repair the damaged renal cells, only to repair in place, to the gradual disappearance of symptoms of urinary protein your illness, to gradually recover, can not easily relapse.

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