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Treatment of chronic renal failure in hospital

Dec 29, 2017

"For TCM syndrome of chronic renal failure with Fuzhengquxie as medication principle, Institute of traditional Chinese medicine mixture by our hospital with Chinese yam, angelica, Atractylodes, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, June snow and other traditional Chinese herbs brewed, can Jianpi Yishen Xiezhuo, detoxification, blood circulation, can be ideal for spleen deficiency, wet in patients with chronic renal failure and the formation of Zhuodu treatment." Shi Wei, President of Tongshantang Medical Group .

Chronic renal failure is a chronic disease of kidney development to the end stage, the structure and function of kidney damage to a certain extent, and thus lead to a series of syndromes.

At present, effective method for the treatment of chronic renal failure for the dialysis or renal transplantation, but these two methods have high medical costs, which caused great economic pressure to the patients, and by the kidney and typing problems such as limit.

In this case, the kidney hospital in June 2005 to set up a team of experts kidney research team. Among them, from July 2006 to carry out the task of "study on clinical effect of Chinese herbal mixture" in the treatment of chronic renal failure in the hospital, after many years of clinical research, this study has made a major breakthrough in the near future, recently won the Hebei provincial science and technology achievement certificate. The results of this study are at the leading level in China, which indicates that TCM has a new theoretical basis for the treatment of chronic renal failure.

The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, both inside and outside the province famous kidney disease experts review group, to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine on chronic renal failure clinical research review; the effect of Chinese herbal mixture results, the panel made a reasonable prescription, drug selection, appropriate compatibility features, based on methods of treating from the overall theory and the theory of Chinese medicine, TCM syndrome differentiation, highlighting the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, has certain innovation and evaluation of the study reached the leading domestic level ".

It is understood that the hospital adhering to the "professional, dedicated, single-minded work attitude, to provide" a lifelong medical health care service "for patients, the goal is to use the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease, the establishment of a national largest kidney health service base, with international standards of medical institutions; in addition, also with the joint research institute the hospital to carry out Chinese nephropathy, kidney disease, medical teaching and scientific research, can let nephropathy patients get the best treatment effect to protect kidney patients would be satisfactory.

It is reported that 102 cases of patients with chronic renal failure in the hospital recently admitted, in the original method of treatment with traditional Chinese medicine mixture, after treatment in patients with symptoms, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine clearance rate, serum creatinine and other indicators, compared to the traditional Chinese medicine mixture of patients not taking the total efficiency up to 93.33%.

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