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Treatment of IgA nephropathy

Jan 30, 2017

1 isolated microscopic hematuria without special treatment, regular follow-up.
2 recurrent episodes of gross hematuria, such as the removal of the lesion, such as tonsil resection, according to the number of proteinuria using triple therapy (tripterygium glycosides, emodin, ACEI/ARB).
3 abnormal urine type triple therapy (tripterygium glycosides, emodin, ACEI/ARB).
4 the  type of vasculitis (1) MMF treatment: intravenous methylprednisolone pulse therapy for three days, followed by prednisone 0.6mg/ (kg.d), every 2 weeks to reduce 5mg/d to 10mg/d, after the maintenance dose. MMF to 0.5g, 2/d began to drug, according to the plasma concentration increased to 1.5 ~ 2.0g/d, continuous use for 6 months, with a daily dose of 0.75 to 1g, the total treatment for a period of 2 years. (2) cyclophosphamide (CTX) therapy with methylprednisolone treatment: MMF. CTX shock therapy, 1 times a month, a total of 6 months, after every 3 months, 1 times. Total dose <8g. CTX after treatment with azathioprine maintenance, the total course of 2 years.
5 proteinuria (with minimal lesions) of prednisone treatment. 6 a large number of low protein diet, the use of tripterygium glycosides, emodin, ACEI/ARB drug therapy. 7 hypertensive patients were selected to use ACEI/ARB, CCB, diuretics, antihypertensive drugs, proteinuria >1.5g/24 cases can be combined with Tripterygium Glycosides tablets.

IgA nephropathy: light based diet, diet should eat more fruits, vegetables and high protein food, no spicy, Feiganhouwei, and mold products, pickled food, drinking.


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