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Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of chronic nephritis

Dec 25, 2016
Chronic nephritis is a kind of immune disease related to infection, which belongs to the category of "edema", "low back pain" and "virtual labor", and is closely related to the infection of pathogenic drugs. Cold, wet, blood stasis, emotion can induce and aggravate the disease. Edema, proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension and renal hypofunction, with long course, easy to repeat, difficult to cure features. Currently there is no specific medicine for this disease.
In traditional Chinese medicine, Tripterygium wilfordii has good effect on elimination of proteinuria, and the treatment with Tripterygium wilfordii can reduce the patients with refractory nephropathy smoothly and gradually stop hormone. The curative effect was closely related to the classification of glomerulonephritis. Primary glomerular disease and Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis. But the drug has side effects, mainly to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, skin and mucous membrane, leukopenia, amenorrhea, infertility and so on.
Astragalus in the treatment of chronic nephritis is a more widely used medicine. Experimental study of Astragalus can significantly improve the cellular immunity and humoral immunity function, can promote the blood cell formation, development and maturation, can improve cardiac function and reduce the generation of free radicals with, or enhanced free radical scavenging effect. In addition to the role of induced interferon.
Before 70s in the treatment of the centralizer, 70s after treatment in the course of treatment, at the end of 80s to Fuzhengquxie method and application in the end of 90s, the theory of collateral disease update and insect drugs.
The theory of collateral disease is derived from the "Yellow Emperor", "classic" and "Shanghanzabinglun", refers to the substance of some refractory chronic illness of chronic disease, application of Xinxiantongluo method, namely the method of dredging meridians. In addition to the circulation of Qi and blood, the application of Zhong Jingyou heavy insect drugs, such as Dahuang Zhechong pills and Biejiajian pills Didang pill, etc.. To put forward the "Ye Tianshi, after long illness in the early stage of the disease, gas, blood collaterals, and pointed out that" network to Xin relief ", therefore, Xin Wen Run Tong Luo Xin Tongluo, spices, Tongluo Xinxiantongluo dharmas, especially advocate the use of the ant Xianzhi Xin products, deep collaterals to pick out stubborn the dead blood sputum.
At the end of 1990s, the theory of collateral disease had new development, especially in the concept of pathogenesis. Three major pathogenesis of collateral diseases, namely luomaiyuzu, jerky collateral syndrome and asthenia rong.
Luomaiyuzu is a long illness, qi stagnation, poor blood, stubborn Phlegm Blood Stasis in collaterals death, can be the equivalent of platelet aggregation, erythrocyte degeneration, elevated blood lipids, thrombosis and arteriosclerosis, treated by the ant search tick and spices commonly used as collateral, leeches, worms, beetles, wood louse pangolin, grubs and other drugs. Luomaiyuzu, common in nephrotic syndrome, edema, proteinuria, often with renal vein thrombus formation or glomerular sclerosis, with chronic illness into the network, stubborn phlegm and not to leave the dead blood disease, the general blood circulation drugs such as poor curative effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza and Rhizoma chuanxiong. Studies have shown that the surface of the general blood circulation drugs can only dissolve thrombus, and can not reach the core parts, its leading role in anticoagulation; only insects prescription can dissolve the deep core micro thrombus, its leading role in promoting fibrinolysis.
Jerky collateral syndrome, the disease is long wind sprout, choroid jerky contracture, equivalent to the micro vascular spasm, and vascular endothelial dysfunction, increased endothelin, nitric oxide reduction, treated by the ant search tick and spasmolysis removing, commonly used drugs such as scorpion, centipede, cicada, silkworm, white flower snake, garter snake snakeslough, etc.. Jerky collateral syndrome is common in primary or secondary glomerular diseases, edema and proteinuria long-term reduction, elevated blood pressure, with long into the network, the germinating and jerky collateral syndrome pathogenesis, so the ants to search tick Xifeng Tongluo spasm. Use of such drugs when using light weight, Bombyx Batryticatus, earthworm, moderate and severe combined with centipede, scorpion, Zaocys, step by step, not too hard, so as to avoid haoshangqiyin.
Network virtual wing is long disease of Qi and blood loss, the collateral is not sufficient, lost in the wing support, and collateral stasis or jerky collateral syndrome patients, treated as the centralizer. The virtual network is not glory, mainly refers to the existence of nephropathy chronic illness into the pathogenesis of collateral, collateral stasis and collaterals jerky, mostly in the spleen kidney deficiency, blood deficiency, Qi and yin deficiency are generated based on the virtual. The application of ant search tick medicine must be with the spleen and kidney, invigorating qi and nourishing blood, tonifying qi and nourishing Yin, nourishing the liver and kidney of the product, and can not be used alone to avoid gram too, and kidney injury, the amount should be gradual, depending on the Constitution and disease patients gradually increased, effective after the gradual reduction until the stop.
In fact, the application of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney worm drugs began in 1980s, has accumulated a wealth of experience. In the late 1990s, because of the renewal of collateral disease theory, it provided a new thinking for the application of worm drugs. Of course, the treatment of chronic nephritis with insect drugs is not only listed above, it is necessary to further study to expand its scope of application, improve clinical efficacy.
Chinese medicine for the treatment of various diseases since ancient times is very effective, there is no exception for Chinese medicine treatment of acute pyelonephritis, we have the following specific to talk about Chinese medicine treatment of pyelonephritis. Chinese medicine treatment of pyelonephritis will also need to take some medicine what? The long-term use of antibiotics, drug-resistant bacteria produced, or inside the cell, make the antibiotic lose the sterilization ability; so you should use traditional Chinese medicine combined with antibiotic therapy with traditional Chinese medicine combined with antibiotics, resistance to drug resistance, no toxic side effect, the prognosis is good, the general choice of traditional Chinese medicine with the use of antibiotics. Due to long-term use of antibiotics, antibiotics in damage, after stopping the use of authentic materials to Chinese medicine for treatment, can cure completely prevent the recurrence of pyelonephritis.
Should choose according to the etiology and pathogenesis of acute pyelonephritis, the reasonable formula, using modern technology and refined quality of proprietary Chinese medicines. With Qingrejiedu, Lishi Tonglin, supplemented by tonifying kidney, promoting blood circulation, strengthen and improve immunity method for formula, selection of Chinese medicine Chinese herbal medicine refined genuine quality. Such as yinhuamiyanling tablets. To understand the Chinese medicine treatment of pyelonephritis, we no matter what the treatment of pyelonephritis, should go to the regular hospital after receiving treatment by a physician with the drug you eat, do not self medication, such not only soothe the illness, may cause harm to your body.

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