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Treatment of nephrotic syndrome with traditional Chinese Med

Dec 26, 2016
Simple traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of nephrotic syndrome slow effect, generally advocated and hormone and cytotoxic drugs combined application.

(a) syndrome differentiation in patients with nephrotic syndrome is syndrome of spleen kidney two empty, can give the prescription of invigorating the spleen and kidney diuresis (such as Zhenwu Decoction treatment).
(two) antagonistic hormones and cytotoxic drug adverse reaction for a long time with a large dose of hormone often appear Yin deficiency or damp heat, nourishing Yin prescription given or qingrequshi, can reduce the side effects of hormone; tapering process combined with traditional Chinese medicine prescription tonifying the spleen and kidney, often can reduce disease rebound and consolidate curative effect; application of cytotoxic drugs with the traditional Chinese medicine of Tonifying the spleen and kidney and spleen and stomach, can reduce the adverse reaction of gastrointestinal tract reaction and bone marrow suppression.
(three) tripterygium glycosides every time 20mg, oral 3 times a day, have the role of urinary protein, can be used with hormone. Domestic studies have shown that the drug can inhibit immune, inhibit mesangial cell proliferation, and improve glomerular filtration membrane permeability. The main adverse reactions were gonadal inhibition, liver function damage and peripheral blood leukocyte reduction, etc.. This drug adverse reaction is bigger, can cause acute kidney failure even, with careful monitoring when used.

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