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Experience of treating nephrotic syndrome with traditional C

Dec 26, 2016
Nephrotic syndrome can be attributed to TCM edema, asthenia category, this disease is the imaginary evil reality syndrome, with the deficiency of spleen and kidney is the pathogenic wind, cold, damp heat and blood stasis. According to TCM syndrome differentiation treatment can obtain satisfactory curative effect. Moreover, according to different stages of hormone therapy with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, can achieve the purpose of reducing toxicity and efficiency.
Nephrotic syndrome is a group of syndromes manifested in glomerular disease, characterized by increased permeability of plasma walls to glomerular capillary walls, with or without glomerular inflammation. TCM according to its clinical characteristics, the disease belongs to edema, virtual labor category. At present, western medicine treatment of nephrotic syndrome generally take symptomatic treatment and hormone, cytotoxic drugs, although a certain effect, but easy to relapse and produce side effects. Therefore, effective and small side effects of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, is currently a new direction of clinical research.

1 etiology and pathogenesis
Nephrotic syndrome occurs due to spleen deficiency of renin, evil invasion, resulting in lung, spleen, kidney three dirty dysfunction, kidney failure to store, Qi leakage, spleen deficiency is the lack of biological sources, so subtle lack of material, the wind cold dampness accumulation in the viscera, the end result of regulating the disorder of lung, spleen does not turn lose, renal to open and close, disturbance of water metabolism, water retention, overflows the skin, and the cost of disease. In addition, the formation of edema is also associated with blood stasis, the so-called water disease blood, blood can be sick water". In short, this disease is the imaginary evil reality syndrome, with the deficiency of spleen and kidney is the pathogenic wind, cold, damp heat and blood stasis. The main clinical manifestations in addition to limb edema, but also visible less urine, or even pleural effusion or ascites. Because of the low proteinemia, gastrointestinal tract was also caused by edema, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fur or greasy, soft pulse string slide. The etiology and pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome complicated, although you know doctors are not the same, but the vacuity is a basic outline, or because of excess to deficiency, or excess caused by deficiency of kidney deficiency in the spleen and lung, biaoshi in damp heat, blood stasis, wet water.
2 treatment based on syndrome differentiation
The second National Symposium on TCM classification by the disease will be pided into 4 types: the syndrome of lung and kidney qi deficiency, spleen kidney yang deficiency, yin deficiency of liver and kidney, Qi and yin deficiency syndrome of type 5, standard: exopathy, wet, damp heat, blood stasis and dampness. The use of high frequency medicine are as follows: the lung and kidney qi deficiency commonly, the curative effect of Six Gentlemen Decoction SHENLINGBAISHU like, spleen kidney yang deficiency with Jisheng Shenqi pills, Zhenwu Decoction five skin decoction, spleen yin, yin deficiency of liver and kidney with zbdhd, deficiency of Qi and Yin with Shenqi Dihuang Decoction, and damp with Sanren decoction, agastache Zuojin Decoction five skin decoction, Poria five powder and wet water and dampness with Weiling decoction, and blood stasis with Yang also five soup. The internal and external factors of occurrence of this disease of Professor Yang Nizhi, the disease will be differentiated as Feng Shui fighting, spleen deficiency and dampness, damp and wet impregnation, Yang pan water type 5, respectively using yuebijiazhu decoction, spleen decoction, decoction, five vegetables cut skin drink, Yanghe Decoction treatment, and each type were treated with Taohong Siwu decoction. Professor Ye Chuanhui of the disease will be pided into heat invading the lung, spleen and kidney, heat dampness, blood stasis, yin deficiency and dampness heat water exchange resistance type 5, respectively with mahuanglianqiaochixiaodou soup or yuebi decoction, Zhenwu Decoction five drinks, five kinds of skin disinfection drink and drink, Cheng Bi Fusulinaceans distinguish Zhibaidihuang Decoction, Guizhi Fuling pill for syndrome differentiation and treatment. Zheng Shuzhen will be the disease syndrome into Feng Shui flood, spleen and stomach, spleen kidney yang deficiency, liver kidney yin deficiency, damp heat, qi stagnation and blood stasis type 6, were given modified yuebi decoction, decoction of six noble, Wenyanglishui, six, Wen Dantang, Liuweidihuang Decoction Taohongsiwu Decoction treatment. Li Jianhua of the disease will be differentiated as spleen deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, spleen and lung qi deficiency, kidney yin deficiency, damp heat type 5, and were given Buqi Yunpi Decoction and self-made Wenyanglishui decoction, Fangji Huangqi decoction, with Yuping Feng San kidney heat soup, self skullcap and talcum decoction treatment. And subtraction with the disease.
3 according to different stages of hormone treatment with traditional Chinese medicine treatment
Combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and according to the characteristics of hormones in different stages, can strengthen the role of hormones, reduce its side effects. At the beginning of bovine Xueshi using large dose of adrenal cortical hormone, with nourishing yin and lowering powder, to reduce the hormone caused by "Yin Huo Wang" symptoms, with two to six taste glutinous rehmannia pill pill. In the hormone reduction phase, patients often by Yin deficiency fire to Qi or yin and Yang of the two virtual transformation, Zhi Yi Qi and Yin tonifying, continue with nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney medicine at the same time, gradually combined with Chinese herbal medicine for warming kidney qi. When the hormone decreased to maintain the amount, the use of Yiqi Bushen Huoxue drugs. Miu Jinglong reported that in high-dose corticosteroid therapy, should be nourishing Yin, with Zhibaidihuang pill, Dabuyinwan; hormone withdrawal treatment, should be tonifying qi and nourishing Yin, with Astragalus Dihuang Decoction; hormone maintenance therapy, Yi Qi and spleen, kidney yang, Fang Jin Kui Shen Qi pill Decoction; hormone disable the stage of repeated colds or infection, with Yuping Feng pulvis.

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