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Clinical application of warming and tonifying method in neph

Dec 26, 2016
In our hospital, edema, nephrotic syndrome according to the height of proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia in four major clinical feature and TCM edema disease similar to that belongs to the spleen kidney two dirty deficiency is the main pathological mechanism of this disease, so the use of a temperature compensation method, combined with of turbidite power conditioning spleen and kidney function, so as to relieve the four characteristics of the objective.
Nephrotic syndrome, Chinese medicine does not have the name of the disease, according to the high degree of edema, proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia with similar edema disease. Chinese medicine believes that spleen and kidney two dirty deficiency is the main pathological mechanism of the disease. Spleen transport company lost not for the stomach to the whole body, to stay in the water wet skin, kidney deficiency is opening and unfavorable, water retention and the formation of edema, leakage of Qi and proteinuria. "Jing Yue book" cloud: "the blood edema syndrome are translated into water, mostly empty lost, cure proper spleen and kidney, also this method." The importance of treatment of edema and tonifying the spleen and kidney, replenishing for treatment of edema of the said method". Zhang Shizhi on the disease from the spleen and kidney treatment provides a basis.
1 edema - warm kidney help Yang, wet line water
Nephrotic syndrome is manifested in varying degrees of edema, swollen below the waist for what is very even ascites, urine and less turbid, cold limbs and other forms of cold syndrome, common virtual deficiency of the real spleen and kidney yang deficiency. "Jing Yue book" cloud: "Yang Wang is gasification, and water is refined; Yang decay is not gas, and fine is water. Edema of the disease Yang also." The spleen can not water, water dampness and long will damage the kidney yang, kidney failure cannot warm spleen yang deficiency, also cause beneficial very, so water flooded formation of edema vicious spiral. Treat warming kidney to help Yang and transform dampness to water. The common side of the main deficiency such as selection of shenlingbaizhusan Qi and spleen dampness; kidney yang deficiency when Yang Qi powder with Zhenwu decoction or five ling. The prescription in addition, Pyrrosia front, coix seed, motherwort dampness, and reuse of Astragalus Yiqi and detumescence, also the Uroschesis.
2 proteinuria - replenishing qi and tonifying spleen and kidney
Proteinuria is the most basic symptom of this disease. The disease often edema subsided for a long time, patients often no obvious symptoms. But proteinuria continues to exist, for Chinese medicine, according to the principle of treatment based on syndrome differentiation treatment, simply seeking to eliminate proteinuria drugs is not practical. We believe that the mechanism of the pathogenesis of proteinuria is spleen kidney two empty, kidney qi deficiency, closed reservoir leakage caused by dereliction of duty, then essence. "Neijing" cloud: "damage its kidney, benefit its essence". Therefore, the treatment of proteinuria, to Yiqi Gujing, regulating the spleen and kidney for the law. Drugs: Astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, prepared aconite root, yam, radix rehmanniae, Rosa, dodder, Gorgon fruit, Schisandra chinensis, angelica, medlar. As long will stasis plus Salvia miltiorrhiza and motherwort to promote regeneration of blood; Yin deficiency and fire wangka salt Anemarrhena, Phellodendron; Bixie, Alisma and turbid urine.
Clinical observation, western medicine advocate eliminating proteinuria with hormone drugs, efficacy is acceptable, but its side effects are also quite a few. The author believes that hormone drugs for warming kidney yang of the goods, taking too much time, but proteinuria is not easy to disappear, often appear andflushing, hyperthyroidism appetite, body fat Yinxuyangkang disease. When the hormone withdrawal, there are rebound phenomenon. In order to reduce the side effects of treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, such as Morinda, dodder, Cistanche, rehmannia, medlar, dogwood, yam, tablets of desirable multiplier effect, to take the fu-zheng-gu-ben, enhance the patient's disease resistant ability, to promote the purpose of rehabilitation.
3 hypoproteinemia - invigorating qi and nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidney
Hypoproteinemia is an inevitable consequence of loss of protein from the urine. Therefore, the control of proteinuria to its treatment, to plug the way to improve the plasma protein. Proteins can be said to understand the subtle substance of traditional Chinese medicine. "You spilled food into the stomach, essence, lose temper in the spleen, dispersing essence??." The nutrient substance by the spleen and stomach, and kidney essence, spleen yang of kidney yang to keep warm, there is a close relationship between kidney to subtle metaplasia and storage material. So improve plasma protein from spleen and kidney. "Nei Jing" Yun: "shape deficiency, warm to gas, refined enough to fill the flavor." A temperature compensation, mainly to the spleen and kidney and deficiency disease, general treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, also used the warm tonic method in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome theory. The edema subsided, proteinuria gradually reduced or disappeared, along with the plasma protein gradually increased, usually in the treatment or recovery from this treatment at the same time, with the selection of nourishing liver and kidney, invigorating qi and nourishing blood products. Such as astragalus root, tuckahoe, gelatin, polygonatum, yam, medlar, radix rehmanniae, Cordyceps tablets, jujube, etc. is helpful to increase the plasma protein.

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