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Prevention of renal failure

Dec 28, 2016
Renal failure is a pathological condition in which some or all of the renal functions are caused by the development of various chronic kidney diseases. Renal failure can be pided into acute renal failure and chronic renal failure, acute renal failure in the condition of rapid progress, usually due to insufficient supply of renal blood flow (such as trauma or burn), renal obstruction caused by dysfunction due to certain factors or by poison damage caused by acute renal failure. Chronic renal failure is the main cause of long-term renal disease, with time and disease, kidney function gradually decreased, resulting in the occurrence of renal failure.
Early preventive measures of renal failure
1, to strengthen the follow-up
Regular follow-up to delay the progress of renal failure is very good, can make the patient have planned treatment and accept guidance, help patients reduce or avoid some aggravating renal failure causes, such as drug damage and dehydration caused by insufficient blood volume, hyperlipidemia, hypercalcemia,
Hypokalemia, urinary tract obstruction, infection, massive hemorrhage, etc..
2, diet control
A large number of experimental studies and clinical observations show that low protein and (or) low phosphorus diet can slow down the progress of most patients with chronic renal failure, or even temporarily stop the progress of renal failure. Low protein diet or addition of essential amino acids can reduce chronic renal failure high filtration state, help to prevent the progress of chronic renal failure. The main measures to control hyperphosphatemia are low phosphorus diet, such as phosphate binder.
3, control of blood pressure
Control of renal or primary hypertension may prevent progression of glomerulosclerosis. The former is mainly to control the high perfusion of glomerulus, the latter is mainly the application of antihypertensive drugs. Control of hypertension (or diabetic nephropathy) can be used in small doses of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (captopril), can reduce the pressure in the glomerular hyperfiltration, relieve.
4, pay attention to changes in the urine
Urine morphology is a pointer to the renal function of the majority of the waste are filtered through the kidneys after discharge from the urine should often observe the color of their urine, early detection can be found early treatment. For example, foamy urine is the white turbid urine is burning urination frequency performance and a large number of phosphate from inflammation of the urethra can determine a urinary tract infection. Nocturia is also early symptoms of renal insufficiency, so these symptoms timely examination and observation of early intervention to prevent illness delays caused by renal failure on renal damage.
5, regular physical examination against hereditary nephropathy
Kidney tumor at the age of forty to seventy year old male polycystic kidney and hereditary kidney disease had a family history of kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes in childhood had nephritis is the latent cause of chronic renal failure risk, so this kind of disease itself has more regular detection of renal function has a understanding in the early diagnosis and treatment of his kidney.
Furthermore, kidney experts recommend reducing the proportion of fat in food. Excessive oil easily lead to hypertension and hardening of the blood vessels and other diseases, the same is also lethal to the kidney. Many related studies have also pointed out that the restriction of protein intake and high blood lipid control are all effective ways to prevent worsening of kidney disease prevented nephropathy deterioration, is to prevent renal failure and effective measures of proteinuria of chronic nephritis hypertension.
Renal failure is a serious kidney disease, how to regulate renal failure patients is an important content, directly related to the patient's physical condition. Diet is an important aspect of conditioning. Should generally give patients low-fat diet, and to give patients a certain amount of water, how much water must also be based on the specific circumstances of the patient to make appropriate adjustments. If the merger has less urine, edema, hypertension, heart failure, etc., must strictly control the amount of water; dialysis patients should also control the water, so as not to cause a large amount of fluid accumulation in the body, increase edema, heart failure, or water poisoning. If the volume of urine above 1000ml, edema, hypertension, heart failure and other complications, there is no need to limit the intake of water.
Patients with renal failure to a low-fat diet! Thus, for such a serious kidney disease renal failure, daily life in all aspects of strict design, avoid because of improper care and aggravating illness phenomenon. Especially in the diet of patients, low-fat diet and adequate drinking water is the most basic requirements.

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