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Diet in patients with chronic renal failure

Dec 28, 2016
What is the diet of chronic renal failure, the patient's diet plays an important role in the rehabilitation of the disease. The diet of chronic renal failure is not a word to say. According to the type of disease, the severity of the disease to develop each person's diet plan. Here is to introduce the knowledge of chronic renal failure patients diet

Patients with chronic renal failure limit protein:
Generally recommended protein intake per kilogram of body weight 0.6 grams, such as the weight of 50 kg, daily protein intake should be controlled at 30 grams. It is of great significance to arrange and arrange the diet to maintain the residual renal function and to prevent the further deterioration of renal function and avoid the continuous rise of serum creatinine and urea nitrogen. Under the strict control of protein intake, it is recommended that at least 2 / 3 of the daily dose is provided by a good quality protein.
Our daily food, more or less contain protein, including meat, eggs, milk protein body of good quality, high utilization rate, can be used to repair or maintain strong muscles, like other beans (mung bean, red bean, broad bean, pea seed etc.), drupe (peanuts, cashew nuts, gluten products) Cereals, flour products, sweet potato, taro, potato, vegetables less. By limiting the amount of protein that can be blocked or reduced gradually the process of renal failure. Experts and scholars suggested that the restriction of protein diet should not be soybean and its products in the fasting category.
Two, chronic renal failure patients to increase heat:
In the protein limit criterion, intake Steamed Rice class was limited, the lack of the simple form of heat, body protein and urea consumption increased, body wasting stalemate force is poor, so must eat high calorie and low protein foods (such as sugar: sugar, sugar, honey, fruit and vegetable oil and sugar; protein powder, such as wheat flour, corn flour, cornstarch, lotus root starch, Green bean noodle, sago dumplings, etc.).
Three, chronic renal failure patients limit sodium ion:
Sodium in the body balance and muscle conditioning water activities, when renal insufficiency, it might not be the sodium ion excessive body discharge, hypertension, edema, ascites formation, pulmonary edema, increase heart burden, so easily lead to heart failure. Daily calorie intake: 35-45 calories per kilogram of body weight. Salt, MSG, soy sauce, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, vinegar, miso contains large amounts of sodium, and canned pickled made sodium also many, because often life try to use natural food, cooking can be used white vinegar, onions, sugar, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, pepper, spicy, fragrant dishes the other food, lemon flavor, increase food palatability.
Four, chronic renal failure patients limit potassium ion:
Potassium is widely used in meat, dark green vegetables and fruits, dried beans. Such as letinous edodes, amaranth, broccoli, spinach, vegetables, bamboo shoots, fasting tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, mustard, pomegranate, peach, loquat, orange, orange, persimmon, and other hard Gautama, and avoid eating raw vegetables; other such as coffee, tea, chicken, cow essence, ginseng essence, thick soup, meat low salt soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, salt and other salt half generation potassium content is also high. When the diet needs to limit the potassium ion, it is necessary to use the high content of potassium ion. Kidney function is not good, may not be effective in addition to excess potassium.
Five, chronic renal failure patients limit phosphorus ion:
The main function of phosphorus is to strengthen bones, almost all food containing phosphorus, in patients with renal failure due to kidney to chronic renal failure diet, we all know hunger breeds discontentment. A collection of phosphorus in the blood, resulting in increased serum phosphate or calcium decreased. Hyperphosphatemia, can cause skin itching and bone lesions. When cooking food, first with boiling water burns, soup and fried in oil, can reduce the intake of potassium.
Six, chronic renal failure patients limit moisture:
If the amount of urine excreted into the body is reduced, liquid retention in the body, forming body edema, elevated blood pressure, that pulmonary edema, at this time, will set a daily limit of liquid intake, through oral intake of liquid into the daily urine volume is approximately equal to and should be 500cc

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