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What are the signs and symptoms of renal atrophy?

Jan 18, 2018

Renal atrophy refers to a variety of causes leading to loss of nephron or insufficient blood supply to the kidneys, leading to renal size reduction, physiological function of a pathological anatomy, common in a variety of acute and chronic renal disease in the terminal phase of renal artery stenosis, renal development Bad and other diseases. So, what are the signs and symptoms of renal atrophy?

What are the signs and symptoms of renal atrophy?





Back pain


feel sick and vomit

Itchy skin

Face yellowing

In addition, acute renal atrophy and acute glomerular atrophy may be a rapid decline in glomerular filtration rate, hypertension, edema and oliguria.

Common clinical manifestations of acute renal failure are tubulointerstitial dysfunction, urinary sediment abnormalities and renal failure, are generally reversible.

The characteristic pathological changes of acute renal atrophy are sclerotic interstitial edema, infiltration of inflammatory cells and different degrees of tubule damage, but no tubule atrophy.

Different patients with different severity of renal damage, from normal renal dysfunction-like urinary abnormalities such as microscopic hematuria, pyuria and proteinuria, acute renal atrophy mostly mild to moderate proteinuria

The above is a detailed description of the characteristics and symptoms of renal atrophy, I believe we all have a certain understanding, if you have the above symptoms, timely medical examination, confirmed the condition, so as not to miss the best timing of treatment, leading to deterioration.

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