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To prevent children's latent glomerulonephritis regular urine test

Aug 17, 2017

In recent years, the incidence of kidney diseases in children has continued to increase, some early type of nephropathy is hard to detect, especially the children will not express their discomfort, parents in the child is not the case of illness, rarely do a urine test for them, until the children have typical symptoms, often have is severe, missed the best treatment time. Experts called for the citizens to be perennial nephropathy hidden in the body, advised the public to do regular urine test. "As long as the timely check out kidney disease, found nephropathy, more than 90% can be cured"

It is understood that many adult nephropathy is derived from childhood, children with kidney disease if not in the early detection and timely and effective treatment, it is possible to chronic kidney disease, in fact only careful observation and early screening of children nephropathy can be prevented and avoided, or delay the progression of chronic renal failure. In addition, the kidney can also be called a "renin" material to control blood pressure, the secretion of erythropoietin to promote the formation of red blood cells in the kidney, once a problem, it may lead to hypertension and anemia.

Experts said that the kidney has a strong compensatory function, early kidney disease may not have any symptoms, patients may have to wait until Cha Jue, the patients of late, some patients for the first time to the hospital, has been developed to the stage of irreversible renal damage, regular urine examination and urinary system examination are effective methods of early diagnosing kidney the damage, so in order to discover the child's child protection nephropathy, kidney, urine test must be done on a regular basis, usually regularly check a urine routine.

In fact, many units and the organization of the company to cancel the examination, urine routine examination, kidney disease has not caused the attention of the public. Xue Zhiqiang told reporters, few people take the initiative to the hospital for urine, actually through urine, kidney disease in a timely manner to check out more than 90% of kidney disease can be cured in a timely manner.

And have a fever, cough, diarrhea and other than kidney disease is a common disease, so once by the grass-roots or community pediatricians determine the child kidney disease will promptly send their children to a better hospital for further treatment. Xue Zhiqiang said, a lot of kidney disease duration, slow recovery, parents need to actively cooperate with the prevention complete removal of various infections, sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis, chronic infection, for the prevention of kidney disease recurrence and promote its recovery has very important significance.

To prevent children's latent glomerulonephritis  regular urine test

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