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How should kidney pain be diagnosed?

Sep 06, 2017

Kidney pain in the early can be no symptoms, the primary infection may have been neglected later, the late emergence of kidney pain, sudden onset, accompanied by chills, high fever, poor appetite and other bloody bloody or toxic manifestations, sick Of the side can occur kidney pain, tenderness, knock tenderness, sometimes due to low back pain caused by low back pain, can touch the swelling of the kidney, waist muscle tension.

On the diagnosis of kidney pain, infection history, high fever, chills, bacteremia performance, low back pain, waist tenderness, percussion pain, and can touch the swelling of the kidney, supplemented by hematuria, B-ultrasound and CT Can be diagnosed.

At the same time related to the auxiliary examination can also help patients to diagnose, such as increased white blood cells, lobular nucleus cells, blood bacterial culture can be positive; urine may have pus cells, urine culture, bacterial growth, urine sediment smear Find the bacteria;

Abdominal X-ray showed that the kidney increased, kidney shadow blurred; intravenous urography showed lesions of renal calyx compression deformation; B-show irregular abscess contours, abscess for hypoechoic area; CT kidney scan showed round No blood, CT values ​​between the cyst and tumor.

The above is about kidney pain diagnosis related to the introduction, I believe we are now on how to diagnose the kidney pain also have a certain understanding of it! If you have any unclear place or want to know the problem can give us a message consultation.

How should kidney pain be diagnosed?

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