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Nephrotic syndrome to do what check?

Sep 18, 2017

Renal function examination: glomerular filtration rate, endogenous creatinine clearance rate decreased, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine increased renal function staging multiple decompensated or decompensated period, phenol red excretion test and urinary dilution function Diminished. Chronic glomerulonephritis syndrome referred to as nephrotic syndrome, is a streptococcal infection of allergic diseases. Nephrotic syndrome, a small number of nephrotic syndrome caused by delayed healing, the vast majority of onset is chronic.

Urine routine: the proportion of urine is low, mostly below 1.020, late disease often fixed at 1.010. Urine protein trace ~ +++ range. Urine often red blood cells and tube (granular tube, transparent tube). Acute episodes have significant hematuria or gross hematuria. In fact, after suffering from nephrotic syndrome, kidney injury has continued to slow, after a number of years, kidney disease damage more and more heavy, gradually decline in renal function, the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome and complex appear, and become chronic kidney Nephrotic syndrome.

And most of the kidney inflammation from the beginning that is occult, the patient no obvious acute glomerular nephrotic syndrome performance, but the inflammation was slow development, after several years into chronic glomerular nephrotic syndrome. Blood tests: often mild to moderate pigment anemia, red blood cells and hemoglobin in proportion to decline, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, may have hypoproteinemia, the general serum electrolyte was no obvious abnormalities.

Nephrotic syndrome is also a more serious disease, and then there will be a lot of abnormal symptoms in patients with the first check in the urine routine examination, the only way to determine the urine protein content. The other is blood tests and renal function tests.

Nephrotic syndrome to do what check?

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