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Acute glomerulonephritis need to do what check?

Nov 05, 2017

Acute nephritis is very common in our life, there are many complications of acute nephritis, acute glomerulonephritis which should be done?

liquid test: Common is pigment, is acellular anemia, hemoglobin is generally in the 100 ~ 120g / L, mainly Shuinazhuliu, related to hemodilution, and with the degree of uremia are equal. Normal or increased leukocyte count, often acute erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

lood biochemical tests: patients with severe edema and large amounts of proteinuria, plasma total protein, albumin / globulin ratio, blood cholesterol, triglyceride and lipoprotein determination to determine the presence or absence of low-protein blood Symptoms and hyperlipidemia.

urine routine examination: microscopic examination showed significantly increased red blood cells, urine sediment examination of red blood cells up to 10 full field / high power mirror. Also visible granular tube, erythrocyte tubular, tubular epithelial cells and leukocytes; urinary protein positive, such urinary routine change often delayed for several months. Fibrin degradation products (FDP) can also occur in urine.

bacteriology and serology: patients without antibiotic treatment, about half of pharyngeal or skin pus scab secretions showed A hemolytic streptococcus positive.

The above is the relevant information collected by experts, surely we have some understanding of the above common sense it! Only the correct diagnosis, to better treatment. If you have other kidney problems can browse other pages, you can also give us a message, with the nephrology expert Tongshan Church Chinese medicine hospital will give you the most professional and most effective treatment or advice.

Acute glomerulonephritis need to do what check?

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