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What is the relationship between proteinuria and foam urine?

Observe whether there is a lot of proteinuria, in the case of non-inspection, many people will look at the urine whether there is foam. So why patients with proteinuria will appear as a bubble with urine? What is the relationship b ...Read More


Proteinuria disease related inspection items

We should not ignore the terrible kidney disease of proteinuria. It is the only way to check the early diagnosis and correct the disease when it is sick, so as to help people to stay away from the disease a little earlier and get r ...Read More


Proteinuria diet taboo

The most common symptom of chronic kidney disease is proteinuria. Nephrotic patients once proteinuria, hematuria, edema and other performance, then the diet will not be as casual as normal people, but can not fall into the leakage ...Read More


Symptoms of different types of proteinuria

Although proteinuria is a disease that is not particularly common in our lives, this condition occurs in many diseases around us and should be emphasized in daily life. To help you understand this To understand the disease, the fol ...Read More


Can a large number of proteinuria dietary supplement protein?

Nephrology expert analysis, the number of protein loss, and the severity of the disease is not proportional. Heres a detailed introduction of a large amount of proteinuria can add protein by diet this problem. When there is a large ...Read More


Why patients with iga nephropathy edema

Nephropathy is a mucosal immunodeficiency disease of its own, there are many causes of iga nephropathy. There are many patients who do not know enough about the etiology of iga nephropathy, which leads to a long illness. Read more ...Read More


iga nephropathy how to choose the fruit

For IGA nephritis diet treatment, how to treat the disease from the cause to start treatment, but also by IGA nephritis patients are concerned. Should be based on the condition, diabetes, kidney disease, myocardial infarction patie ...Read More


IgA nephropathy how to prevent renal failure?

Long-term prognosis of Iga nephropathy affect many factors, the most common in elderly men with IgA nephropathy, or persistent hematuria with large amounts of proteinuria IgA nephropathy patients, or patients with severe hypertensi ...Read More


Nephropathy when using hormone considerations

1, although the hormone has a good effect on glomerulonephritis, but it should grasp the indications and familiar with the scope of application. Patients with hyperthyroidism, hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure, diabetes ...Read More


Is your sleeping posture correct?

One-third of a mans life is spent in sleep, if the posture is not correct, will be a major impact on the health of the event! When people sleep, the posture is varied and strange. But generally classified as four: supine, prone, le ...Read More


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