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What are the main ancillary tests for nephrotic syndrome?

Nephrotic syndrome in patients with early symptoms, the first reaction is to go to the hospital for examination, because the examination is the basis for further targeted therapy, lets take a look at what specific check nephrotic s ...Read More


Caring for Iga nephropathy diet must know

IgA nephropathy for our very large impact, so we must pay attention to the disease, do a good job related to nursing work, the emergence of this disease, the patients life is not great. We need to pay attention to the development o ...Read More


What are the symptoms of iga nephropathy and how to treat?

Any disease will have some symptoms, iga nephropathy is also the same, one of the typical symptoms of it is hematuria, and this symptom is completely visible by the naked eye, often within a few hours to 2 days after upper respirat ...Read More


Acute glomerulonephritis need to do what check?

Acute nephritis is very common in our life, there are many complications of acute nephritis, acute glomerulonephritis which should be done? liquid test: Common is pigment, is acellular anemia, hemoglobin is generally in the 100 ~ 1 ...Read More


Acute glomerulonephritis specific diet how to do?

Gorgon Porridge: Gorgon 30 grams, 30 grams of glutinous rice, ginkgo 10. First net ginkgo shell to the core, the ginkgo and Gorgon, glutinous rice together boiled porridge. 1 day, 10 days for a course of treatment, should be flat l ...Read More


What are the methods of renal cysts?

In life, kidney cyst is a very frightening kidney disease, so that timely treatment is the key to relieve the pain of patients. We must know that the scientific diagnosis is the premise of effective treatment, in order to reduce th ...Read More


Does acute pyelonephritis eat lemon slices?

Acute pyelonephritis in the diet need to pay attention to the problem there are many, recently a patient message consultation we acute pyelonephritis patients can eat lemon slices? Today, I told you simply say it! Sugar, fat, vitam ...Read More


Acute pyelonephritis patients usually drink it?

We all know that drinking harmful to the body, we must pay attention to, acute pyelonephritis patients usually can not drink? Today, experts please give us a brief introduction about it! Hope to help everyone. Liquor contains a cer ...Read More


How does Chinese medicine treat IgA nephropathy patients?

Method for the treatment of IgA nephropathy is the most effective use of Chinese medicine treatment, western medicine can timely control the inflammatory reaction often clinically, but the basic reason for the inflammatory reaction ...Read More


Chinese medicine treatment of nephropathy edema effect is obvious

Speaking of nephropathy we have more or less some understanding, many patients with kidney disease are usually edema, and some patients with nephropathy in the emergence of edema did not cause enough attention, no time to the hospi ...Read More


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