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Matters needing attention in chronic nephritis

The appearance of chronic nephritis, good treatment measures are essential, but at the same time can not ignore the chronic nephritis daily care in the treatment of the auxiliary role. Experts advise patients how to do the daily ca ...Read More


Chronic nephritis can not eat anything

Usually a lot of chronic nephritis patients were informed, suffering from chronic nephritis must pay attention to their diet, so, what cannot eat chronic nephritis? Below, we have with the experts of chronic nephritis diet principl ...Read More


Treatment of chronic nephritis is a fundamental debate in

Chronic nephritis is a kind of comprehensive disease mainly caused by glomerular damage. It is not a real inflammation, but an immune system disease. At present, the etiology of chronic nephritis is not clear. It is certain that in ...Read More


How to treat glomerulonephritis effect is good

How to treat glomerulonephritis effect? Many glomerulonephritis patients are very concerned about this problem, when it comes to the treatment of glomerulonephritis, we know the main method for the treatment of glomerulonephritis i ...Read More


Chronic glomerulonephritis seven therapeutic side

Chronic glomerulonephritis is clinical onset and long course, a group of primary glomerular disorders may slow development, mainly for the backache leg swelling, lassitude, oliguria or urine long. In uremic patients, due to severe ...Read More


How is nephritis treated better

Glomerulonephritis is a common kidney disease in life. It is an allergic disease that occurs in bilateral renal glomeruli. Since it is a common disease, we have to actively take treatment measures, so as to reduce the incidence of ...Read More


Principles of dietary therapy for glomerulonephritis

Glomerulonephritis diet therapy, glomerulonephritis type, clinical manifestations, treatment principles to diet according to the patients renal function and the degree of proteinuria is determined, and also should pay attention to ...Read More


How to eat renal failure patients

Renal failure belongs to the kidney problems caused by a great harm to the disease, the disease can not only pose a serious threat to the health of patients, and the current focus of patients with renal failure treatment is also mo ...Read More


How high creatinine diet

Renal function was injured, creatinine increased, which is obvious renal failure. How experts analyze renal failure. Renal failure is high creatinine renal insufficiency symptoms of a very obvious laboratory indicators for renal in ...Read More


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