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Kidney patients "job hopping"of Kidney Hospital

Dec 29, 2017

It is understood that: at present, with the popularization of medical knowledge, people already know that the treatment is the door of knowledge, seeking the right way, you will soon make the doctor know the condition of your body, to make timely and accurate diagnosis, with symptomatic cure. Otherwise, it will go astray,  not to say waste money , more important is to delay their own illness.
At present, a large public hospital is still the majority of the public choice, the reason is public hospital with first-class experts, first-class equipment, and used for a long time dependence, this is people afraid of a sensible performance into treatment errors, would rather spend some money to go to large hospital, so it seems that public money, cost-effective than outside the doctor and more is the pursuit of safety, health, trust.Tongshantang
Although most people still tend to choose public hospitals, but the "habit" in the field of nephropathy is gradually degraded, the number of data show that kidney patient intention has obvious bias to the kidney specialist hospital, mainly in the patient's Hospital and doctor of choice two times, third times of hospital choice, this phenomenon is caused by the puzzling many experts and scholars also nephropathy, this thought also revealed a series of problems in the healthcare industry.
Large hospital inspection equipment, treatment equipment is advanced, emergency rescue also has incomparable advantages. However, now there is a strange phenomenon, many patients with kidney disease in the big hospital can not cure the disease, but in the specialized hospital has been effectively treated, there has been a magical effect.
The main reasons for the situation are the following:
There are many complicated branches in large hospitals, which can not be well studied in the treatment of a disease. And because the kidney is recognized as the world's major hospitals will not be put into difficult miscellaneous diseases, a lot of energy in its research.Tongshantang
Advanced medical equipment, can have very good help for diagnosis of nephropathy, superb technology is just on the first aid of acute attack of remission, real treatment or surgery for kidney transplant patients to rely on, but the transplant is costly, ordinary families simply can not afford.
The awareness of medical staff in state-owned hospitals is low, and the patient care has not been done meticulously, and the sources of patients are too many and miscellaneous so that they can not effectively reflect and treat the patient's condition. "Great trees are good for shade., good reputation because of previous generations of medical staff unremitting efforts to the hospital, just caused some careless.Tongshantang
A lot of hospital outpatient hospital staff and contractors, in hospital personnel screening on serious vulnerabilities, many even came to the hospital in patients with nephropathy some so-called special clinic, there was no effective treatment, not only spend a lot of money, delay the best timing of treatment, eventually lose their lives.

Kidney patients -job hopping-of Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital

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