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World Kidney Day promotional material two: effective ways to prevent kidney failure (2)

Jun 13, 2017

1, avoid abuse of drugs, a variety of drugs, chemical toxins can cause kidney damage. Studies have shown that a large number of long-term use of analgesics (such as cold medicine and general medicine analgesic), application of aminoglycoside antibiotics is not appropriate, long-term, excessive use of herbs containing aristolochic acid, can slowly cause renal function damage caused by interstitial nephritis.
2, kidney disease in western medicine and kidney "nephropathy" with traditional Chinese medicine called "kidney deficiency" are two different concepts, there is no direct relationship between the two. Male sex hormone secreted by the testis; female is ovarian secretion, especially male and female kidneys can be transplanted with each other, it can be seen that the kidney is not directly related to sex.
3 regular kidney examination, but also regular examination of the kidneys. You must have a routine urine test and blood pressure test every six months. Because most kidney disease is insidious, early symptoms are usually absent. Therefore, the process of damage to the kidneys of the kidneys is imperceptible, so when the body feels unwell, it is likely that it has reached the middle or late stage of renal disease (renal failure).
4. Controlling salt intake is an important culprit in kidney burden. 95% of the salt in our diet is metabolized by the kidneys, and the burden on the kidneys increases with the intake of too much sodium. The sodium in the salt can cause the body's water to be difficult to drain and further increase the burden on the kidneys. A scientific amount of salt should be controlled within 6 grams per day, and 3 grams can be obtained directly from daily food. Therefore, salt should be kept at 3~5 grams when food is seasoned.
5, pregnant to with "kidney" during pregnancy can increase the burden on the kidneys, so pregnant women before the best check for kidney disease (sometimes do not know, such as chronic nephritis, lupus nephritis), if there is a kidney disease, please contact kidney specialist consultation whether pregnancy, pregnant or blind, may this can lead to kidney disease soon caused renal insufficiency.

World Kidney Day promotional material two: effective ways to prevent kidney failure (2)

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