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The origin of Chinese medicine for foreigners aged 30 years

Jun 22, 2017

 "I am very interested in the magical color of China, know the panda, tai chi, dumplings, as well as the ancient emperor, etc., but the most experience is the TCM culture, it is more amazing!" From the Spanish polycystic kidney disease Carme Nuti, in the Shijiazhuang kidney hospital talked about the impression of China, he was a child to know a lot about the story of China, also read the comic book of Journey to the West, "At that time,having the Chinese family neighbors, they are very friendly. "
Whether it is Tang suit, cheongsam, tea, opera or Chinese martial arts, excellent Chinese cultural charm is attracting more and more foreign friends. Among them, the most so that they feel the essence of the Millennium culture of Chinese medicine, seemingly simple look, smell, ask, touch, plus acupuncture, cupping, scraping and plant roots and leaves can cure, for them something is incredible thing.
"5 years old when a fever almost let me lose my life, eat a lot of Western medicine is not good, the body temperature has continued at 40 ℃ or more,the mother said that even the water won't go in at last, the Chinese neighbors heard about the situation , To recommend a retired Chinese doctor. "Carme Nuti said the doctor after retirement to his son in the home of Spain, a guest, have the opportunity to cure her.
"Listen to my mother, the Chinese doctor with a very simple way, let my body temperature down." Carme Nuti said, after massage, his fingers were doctors with sewing clothes needle puncture, out Some of the blood, the glass cup will be sucked in their own back, "later learned that it is Chinese medicine massage and cupping.
Mysterious and broad and profound Chinese culture deeply impressed by the Carme Nuti family. Unfortunately, Carme Nuti was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease after married, in order not to affect his mother's plan, she will work to suspend work in the major hospitals in Spain for treatment.
"Treatment for nearly a year is always not ideal, a chance to let me think of traditional Chinese medicine." Carme Nuti said that in a waiting for the results of the process, she saw a face in Asia are also Line up, so that she suddenly thought of a child sick story. "After a simple communication, know that friend from Hong Kong, China, he is very understanding of Chinese medicine, give me that the roots and leaves of plants can cure.
Subsequently, Carme Nuti on the Internet for a lot of information about Chinese medicine, "thought it was difficult to find Spanish on the Internet to introduce Chinese medicine information, but did not expect really have Spain." Carme Nuti said, through the web On the consultation phone, she was linked to the hospital in Shijiazhuang kidney disease. "Mother and husband know that I want to come to China after receiving Chinese medicine treatment, they are very supportive, and willing to accompany me to China.
Many foreign patients like Carme Nuti, mostly through the Internet to understand the knowledge of Chinese medicine. "With the hospital admissions of foreign patients gradually increased, the hospital seven years ago, the first opening of the English website, used to promote excellent Chinese culture." The hospital director Shi Wei introduced the construction of foreign language website, the purpose is to allow more foreign Patients know Chinese medicine, knowledge of Chinese medicine, so that they know the difference between Chinese and Western medicine, to avoid blind treatment.
Today, the influence of Chinese medicine culture gradually increased, acupuncture, scraping, cupping and massage and other traditional Chinese medicine therapy, attracting more and more foreign patients, receive their favor and trust. "Will spread the professional knowledge of Chinese medicine, so that friends from different countries can understand the advantages of Chinese medicine, can enjoy the Chinese medicine, according to accept the situation of foreign patients, the hospital has opened the Arabic, Spanish website, and with WhatSapp, Facebook and other communication tools to spread the excellent Chinese culture. "Shi Wei said that the current foreign language website visits more than 10,000 times, and showed a gradual upward trend.

The origin of Chinese medicine for foreigners aged 30 years
The origin of Chinese medicine for foreigners aged 30 years

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