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Kidneys are small, but health is large

Jun 24, 2017

Now all the relatives and friends of people suffering from kidney disease is increasing, this disease has a great harm to the kidneys, so if suffering from kidney disease, we must be treated actively in life, but also we should pay attention to the following reasons, the main reason for the Tongshantang nephropathy experts introduce nephropathy, everyone must read, keep in mind.
Infection mainly refers to bacterial infection, and the main manifestation is peritonitis or septicemia. It is caused by the decrease of immune function, the decrease of leucocyte function, the low level of complement and protein components and the presence of low zinc blood.
Drug poisoning or allergy
Causes of drug poisoning or allergic disease is caused by drugs, the disease often contain inorganic mercury, mercury, gold, silver, two organic organic vinegar, such as morphine.
Lung tumors, stomach tumors, colon tumors, lymphatic tumors, breast tumors, ovarian tumors, thyroid tumors, and leukemia can all cause nephropathy.
Protein content is confused
The total amount of plasma proteins in patients is significantly reduced, resulting in the inverse proportion of albumin and globulin in the body and elevated levels of P globulin, which leads to nephrotic syndrome.
Through the above article, you may have a certain understanding of the reasons for our nephropathy, see the causes of kidney disease we should pay attention to in life, to avoid the disease appeared in our life. Once the diagnosis of kidney disease, patients should go to the hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment, must not delay the best treatment time. Finally, if you still have any other kidney problems, or other nephropathy patients had a similar disease, we suggest that you can submit a case of patient data, to a kidney specialist in Beijing Tong shantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with the specific condition to give you guidance and detailed analysis.

Kidneys are small, but health is large
Kidneys are small, but health is large

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