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Doctor Shi Wei apprentice China nephrology Dean----Zhang Daning

Aug 15, 2017

In August 13, 2017, Chinese nephrology Dean Zhang Daning came to our hospital apprentice Shi Wei, Zhang Daning's visit make our hospital graced.

Zhang Daning nephrology is a medical scientist, was the authority of national recognition of the leaders of the chairman of the national health care doctor, TCM academic conference, association of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the Chinese, significant contribution to learn this subject development in the TCM nephropathy, especially by his research into Zhang Daning Shen Qi capsule successfully. Is the industry known as the founder of the Chinese medicine nephrology.

Our doctors and nurses gave a warm welcome to Professor Zhang Daning

Shi Wei apprentice Professor Zhang Daning to the scene

Doctor Shi Wei apprentice China nephrology Dean----Zhang Daning

Professor Zhang Daning explained the mystery of Chinese medicine for everyone

Our colleagues took the guidance of Professor Zhang Daning seriously

President Shi Wei apprentice Chinese nephrology Dean Zhang Daning, will open a new journey in our hospital, will be in the treatment of TCM nephropathy to further enhance the level of kidney disease in our hospital strive for further improvement, help more kidney patients recover soon and far from the confused disease.


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